"Tiger selfies" cause outrage

A selfie with a tiger?! Tourists in Thailand were game for the dangerous photo op while the animal was chained and prodded. (via Brut nature)

03/03/2018 8:02 PM


  • Tuula V.
    01/26/2020 13:06

    Idiotic idiots!!!

  • Amanda J.
    10/03/2019 02:28


  • Herbert S.
    01/27/2019 12:48

    Fass 😀😁

  • Kat H.
    01/27/2019 12:32

    Sick ....... people who have their photos taken encourage this type of cruelty stop it !

  • Kenneth M.
    01/26/2019 18:53

    Wankers every one.

  • Nolan E.
    11/25/2018 13:38

    where is there zoo ?

  • Avdhoot B.
    10/08/2018 17:28


  • Kathryn L.
    09/10/2018 11:49

    Ahhhh yes, the third world idiots... basically Asia, Japan, China, etc... barbaric, disgusting human beings.

  • Kamran M.
    07/20/2018 08:26

    you fucking morons show how lost you all are as a people. your all so worried becuase tigers are being mistreated and chained. international level people want put sanctions on them close them down. what about the millions of people dieing around the world. what about palistinians being occupied tourchered murdered starved. killing their children. no one speaks about that or doesnt want to put sanctions on israel who double standard mother fuckers. you lost fucking soles. what about the tourturing camps set up to kill humans. these tigers are chained up they fed and thamed. but selling wepoms to kill humans are fine. you jokers

  • Taylor C.
    07/20/2018 01:44

    Stick to Nike

  • Simone P.
    07/19/2018 22:46


  • Gwyn M.
    04/15/2018 08:31

    One day that tiger is going to be put to sleep because its going to come off that chain and eat that prick poking it

  • Marco B.
    03/19/2018 19:19


  • Wafaa A.
    02/24/2018 19:22

    هالفيديو بدل على وحشية الانسان. لوين بعد رايحين

  • Chevera Y.
    02/23/2018 19:03

    If i am rich...i will buy a land who live only animals...i really love animals...

  • Mabel S.
    02/11/2018 04:36

    so angry on how they treat such a majestic animal 😡😡😡

  • Séraphine A.
    02/04/2018 03:38


  • Duke H.
    01/31/2018 22:20

    The stupidity of this just boggles the mind.

  • Julie T.
    01/31/2018 19:46

    Stop this now.

  • Sarah D.
    01/31/2018 13:46


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