"Tiger selfies" cause outrage

A selfie with a tiger?! Tourists in Thailand were game for the dangerous photo op while the animal was chained and prodded. (via Brut nature)

03/03/2018 8:02 PM


  • Tory S.
    01/30/2020 04:20

    Aloha what the hell is going somebody has to do something. The tiger will die. If anybody cares. There has to be someone. Let me know what happen. Tory

  • Tuula V.
    01/26/2020 13:06

    Idiotic idiots!!!

  • Amanda J.
    10/03/2019 02:28


  • Herbert S.
    01/27/2019 12:48

    Fass 😀😁

  • Kat H.
    01/27/2019 12:32

    Sick ....... people who have their photos taken encourage this type of cruelty stop it !

  • Kenneth M.
    01/26/2019 18:53

    Wankers every one.

  • Muhammad T.
    01/11/2019 12:03

    Not surprised. Thais.

  • Rabiya K.
    12/27/2018 18:30

    Wish someone would poke that man too....thousand times

  • Dar H.
    12/27/2018 14:58

    U fucking morons ..coward materialistic shit

  • M. A.
    12/27/2018 10:15

    Stop this nonsense for 2 minutes amusement !

  • Karthik R.
    12/11/2018 09:02

    On a lighter note, Something is not right, they chained and beaten the tiger, after all we humans, not the other way.

  • Kamayani T.
    12/11/2018 05:29


  • Rupali S.
    12/10/2018 17:51

    Such people should be treated as criminals specially the one posing for photos

  • DrRama S.
    12/10/2018 06:03

    Mankind have become animals now

  • Shubh G.
    12/09/2018 19:32

    What about the amount of sedatives? There's a special place waiting in hell for these people

  • Ṟȍṃań Ƿ.
    12/09/2018 16:42

    If you guyz hav gutz..Remove the chain 😈never play with beastz... Or else that ll be your last selfie

  • M K.
    12/09/2018 16:04

    Humanity at its lowest level. After watching this how one can call himself proudly a human😏

  • Nina R.
    12/09/2018 15:02

    Please save them

  • Paramba V.
    12/09/2018 12:04

    Shame Thailand

  • Kripaali R.
    12/09/2018 04:56

    wat i told u.. no Wild animal should be caged.

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