• Yonka P.
    04/08/2018 20:16

    Tengo alergia que palabra China......odio esa especie de basura

  • Ganeson V.
    03/31/2018 09:10

    It's all an eyewash!Petitions,emails,letters,protests have been going on for decades but they refuse to do anything about dog and cat meat trade,sharksfin, donkeys slaughter,lion and Tiger bones and also human foetus!!They will continue it under counter till all the animals are wiped out just so they get good cash!

  • Martin T.
    03/26/2018 23:48

    Where's the people that say guns kill people, those dumbasses might say it's the elephants fault not the persons doing it

  • Jolius M.
    03/25/2018 23:26

    Which 1 of the reason why i hate China

  • Ldy D.
    03/25/2018 05:15


  • Agnieszka M.
    03/21/2018 13:52

    It's ridicules To destroy it!! Put it at least into a museum!! Elefants died because of that shit! So now their lives was completely wasted

  • Mikaele J.
    03/19/2018 22:43

    Well done China

  • Xiao T.
    03/18/2018 17:20

    It said "In 2007, 70% of Chinese people said they didn't know that ivory comes from slaughtering elephants." So impossible! Is this how stupid they are?

  • Mirela B.
    02/27/2018 08:07

    Ce masacru! pentru ce?

  • Miroslava A.
    01/12/2018 22:06

    It was about time... if it’s not even late to stop poaching

  • Susan G.
    01/12/2018 18:00

    Horrible country kill thousands of sharks fir their finns and just let them die at the bottom of the ocean also dolphins they love bugs and anything that moves they kill and eat.

  • Lee W.
    01/10/2018 18:39

    That's upped it's value by 100% then. Lose lose situation sadly.

  • Julie P.
    01/10/2018 17:17

    They are so cruel China is the worst ones

  • Wojtek K.
    01/10/2018 11:54

    Well done China, one step at the time.

  • John D.
    01/10/2018 11:07

    My god in this day and age how does this still happen .😡

  • David A.
    01/10/2018 10:16

    Fucking disgusting 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Avni M.
    01/10/2018 09:29

    Shame on China 🤬

  • James S.
    01/10/2018 08:36

    In the meantime tiger's are fair game for Chinese medicine.

  • John B.
    01/10/2018 07:08

    I heard the Vatican is pissed because they use ivory to make crucifixes.

  • Yannick B.
    01/10/2018 05:57

    C'est dégeulasse!!!