• Fawzi E.
    01/08/2018 14:29

    But it will have to do more if it really wants to stop poaching Alone, China's ban on ivory could make life worse for elephants But if China does not simultaneously tackle its much larger illegal trade in ivory, the ban could perversely make it more lucrative for the poaching gangs who massacre Africa’s elephants and ship their tusks to Asia. The major ivory market in China is black In order to undermine the illicit trade, the ban aims to send a message to the Chinese public that ivory products – which embody both status and cultural values – are now taboo. This is intended to reduce demand and price. The illegal market needs big profits to operate, given the high risks of operating a multinational smuggling operation.

  • Sofiane E.
    01/08/2018 14:36

    tes amis les chinois

  • Grant H.
    01/08/2018 14:42


  • Caron H.
    01/08/2018 14:45

    About bloody time too!!!

  • Antonio D.
    01/08/2018 14:53

    Does mean Hong Kong too since they are part of China?

  • Carole R.
    01/08/2018 15:00

    Noone needs elephant tusks only the elephant STOP THIS BLOODY RIDICULOUS BARBARIC SLAUGHTER

  • Jerwin M.
    01/08/2018 15:02

    What a waste of life!

  • Susan G.
    01/08/2018 15:06

    Too terrible fir words what they are doing to elephants.

  • Kishor M.
    01/08/2018 15:46

    Save nature By saving animal

  • Kishor M.
    01/08/2018 15:46

    Human are devil

  • Caroline H.
    01/08/2018 15:52

    Shoot the poachers

  • Caroline H.
    01/08/2018 15:53

    Also we should not buy anything from China until they they take proper action against their country buying these tusks & rhino horns.

  • Erik N.
    01/08/2018 16:01

    What about the 100 million sharks they kill per year?

  • Luis D.
    01/08/2018 16:09

    Humano...cáncer de la TIERRA...

  • Luis D.
    01/08/2018 16:11

    El dinero es poderoso...cierra muchas bocas....Las balas son fuertes tapan las bocas indiscretas..

  • Holly W.
    01/08/2018 17:04

    Humans are disturbing

  • Maria T.
    01/08/2018 18:00

    sur l'ivoire!

  • Ady G.
    01/08/2018 18:54

    Great. Now Trump declares it legal in the US again. Elephants dont get a break.

  • Maria K.
    01/08/2018 20:03

    remember when we watched that documentary about like the ivory trade and everything????

  • Humayoun N.
    01/08/2018 22:35

    They should stop eating dogs.. 😊