• Daou H.
    10/12/2018 09:14

    a nous de faire le necessaire pour que tout cela cesse enfin

  • Andrew A.
    08/30/2018 23:38

    The real heroes are all of our men and women in the military. They make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom so all of you environmentalists can bitch and moan about insignificant issues.

  • Renee T.
    08/30/2018 17:44

    They died for their cause. Fighting for God's earth so that makes them martyrs. Rest in Paradise all 207.😢 Fight no more!

  • PaRo G.
    08/28/2018 17:02

    may they reach that better place, anyway

  • Ken L.
    08/28/2018 14:58

    Capitalism kills

  • Hari S.
    08/28/2018 10:00

    This is not going to stop the rest of us

  • Carla P.
    08/28/2018 03:45

    We stand together with them our environment heroes...

  • Alicia E.
    08/28/2018 02:50

    Pay you my deep abd sincere gratitude.kayo po talaga ang bayani ng ating bayan.I salutes you all.God bless po sa inyong magigiting na mga bayani.

  • Sher H.
    08/28/2018 02:05

    Brave souls, I hope they find peace up there w God than in this shitty place.

  • Lorelei H.
    08/28/2018 01:32


  • Marian T.
    08/27/2018 22:24

    Because they're getting somewhere, a threat that is recognized. Have to keep on keeping on.

  • Ron A.
    08/27/2018 21:03

    I remember when being an environmentalist was cool, before Republicans made it a term of insult.

  • William F.
    08/27/2018 20:54

    Think about it for a moment, if all drugs were legal, if all health care was supported by the government, if all were housed and fed, if the churches the rich and corporation were taxed, if women had full control over their own reproductions and treated equal to men, the world would not be perfect but I will take 98% and call it close enough. but then I would have to be talking about a different species would I not?

  • Starr N.
    08/27/2018 20:33

    They need protection

  • Reta O.
    08/27/2018 18:48


  • Luke M.
    08/27/2018 18:43

    They died for Mother Earth. what better cause than Mother Earth :)

  • Theseus L.
    08/12/2018 03:04

    They were murdered protecting the environment and government and the law does nothing to find theirs murderers I or protect them from other murderers

  • Margaret R.
    08/11/2018 22:45


  • John A.
    08/10/2018 18:58

    Rest in Peace

  • Carol S.
    08/07/2018 19:34


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