30 years of politics and climate change

Sixteen world leaders, 30 years, one common concern: climate change.

Shifting the global strategy on climate change

One of the more surprising themes of the past few years has been the mainstreaming of worry over climate change, thanks to the work of scientists, activists, journalists, and, due to our new normal of floods and fires, lived experience. It’s increasingly considered an urgent issue among the world’s leaders. In the U.S. alone there have been more than 600 congressional hearings on climate change, and numerous attempts to pass binding limits on carbon emissions according to Mother Jones. Despite those efforts, the United States has yet to take meaningful action on the problem – a discrepancy compounded by President Donald Trump’s decision on June 1, 2017 to withdraw from the treaty altogether.

It’s hard for the counters to break the habit

All of this adds up to a remarkable departure from years past, when climate has been so overlooked that environmental journalists essentially made a miniature beat out of tracking how little time leaders of the world have spent on the topic. Yet, in spite of the evidence at hand, climate change remains the toughest, most intractable political issue a global society, have ever faced. This is not to say that there hasn’t been progress.

This underscores the real divide between the climate philosophies

After years of alarm bell ringing and patient explanation, with ages of climate-linked catastrophe, years of stories about the climate-exacerbated natural disasters that are destroying people’s homes and lives with increasing frequency and furor. Political leaders alike sound different when they talk about climate change now, but as of today, not one single major northern industrial country has fulfilled its commitments under the Paris treaty, and the nonprofit Climate Action Tracker has rated the United States’ plan to achieve the Paris goals critically insufficient. They realize how many of us are finally ready to hear it.


01/04/2020 12:57 PM
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  • Richard E.
    17 hours

    If you are going to talk about climate change and not include geoengineering, atmospheric aerosol injections, chemtrails. You are misleading the people. Tell them the truth. Government's are using this to control people. They control our food, water, air, it's called weather warfare. Look it up all you brain dead lemmings.

  • Thomas C.
    18 hours

    We have seen everything change here but climate. 🙄🙄

  • Bill W.
    21 hours

    Where are the Chinese and Indian leaders? They're the biggest polluters by far. Unless you can convince them to go along with your agenda, you're wasting our time and money.

  • Dave B.
    a day

    Question, what Happens to an ice cube when taken from the freezer?

  • Mary L.
    a day

    If anyone is really worried about the climate THEY should stop driving their cars, turn off the heat in their homes and the lights too, and never go shopping again for food or clothing. That is what the save the earth crazies propose for all of us. I say no way.

  • Danny B.
    a day

    All dumbasses. It's about money to them .

  • Gunther N.
    a day

    Can't believe how many people on this site have blinders on. I enjoy asking folks in their 80s if they believe in climate change and most will say that it's a hoax, yet if you ask them have you ever seen winter so warm they will say no back in my day we would have four feet of snow on the ground by now. SMH

  • Mike G.
    a day

    Bullsh*t salesmen, all of them.

  • Charles P.
    a day

    Nothing but a bunch of globalist scum that are tying to force their will upon U.S. .. giving BILLIONS to the u.n. will NOT solve ANYTHING... These bureaucrats just enrich their families and sponsors ... Climate change is real but it's been happening for millions of years and humans have very little effect one way or another... Sure We should take care of our planet but that doesn't include bowing to these chicken littles...

  • Craig T.
    a day

    And each of these "leaders" want to put their hands in your pockets. Remember, Obama, the climate change crusader just bought land on a small island. Does that sound like someone who believes sea levels are rising?

  • Donald A.
    a day

    Lollol. Where’s China? The biggest polluters of all. Pathetic

  • Ralph G.
    a day


  • David H.
    a day

    This is just a means to a new tax. No real scientist who isn't working a government grant feels that such a situation exists

  • Cathy L.
    a day

    It infuriated me that when this came to light - people were more interested in where to lay the blame than they were in looking at what could be done. Scientifically, it is well established that every action = the same or greater reaction. Put 100 people into a 1000sf home and it will CHANGE the environment and available resources of that home. Don't have to be a rocket scientist - just have to be more interested in love than fear.

  • Les S.
    a day

    I was waiting for the punch line......Trump getting up and telling them all they are full of crap!!!!! And he is the only one that is telling the truth...the rest are con artists or fools who think they can change the climate.....absolutely the climate changes all the time and pollution should be controlled, but there is absolutely nothing these people can do to control the climate....sorry, that is up to God and Nature alone....

  • Ken H.
    a day

    Maybe said, but if every world leader travels the same as any US President does, they burn more fossil fuels in their planes, limos, security and other transportation that any person would in 6 months. All of their talk is just!

  • John L.
    a day

    starts off with 2 real authorities Al Gore (whose family made millions off the oil industry) and Castro. Don't need to see any more

  • Kevin P.
    a day


  • Stan K.
    2 days

    This fraud has been going on since the 80s?

  • Ronald S.
    2 days

    Quit chem trailing...and using haarp..things will go back to normal...all this crap is full of hidden agendas...Al Gore and his screamers all proved they were wrong...QUIT PLAYing WITH THE WEATHER..LEAVE IT TO GOD