31 species are extinct, and thousands more endangered

Thirty-one species extinct, thousands of species endangered, all caused by human activity… This is the latest update from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

12/27/2020 2:58 PM


  • Dinesh B.
    01/12/2021 03:19

    If we think we can do whatever we want to earth and just simply go around, that's not how it works. There will be another pandemic or another disaster just waiting for their turn to balance the things happening to the rest of the species. Humans will be held responsible for all the actions that are going through and we will face karma. That's for sure.

  • Eha T.
    01/09/2021 16:59

    And recently in UP, people killed a freash water dolphin ...but who cares huh! One day there would be no antibiotics and also our ecosystem will collapse without these animals ...but still who cares..

  • Deusi S.
    01/08/2021 15:58

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  • Hervé F.
    01/08/2021 10:22

    It's a funking shame to treat animals and oceans like this.

  • Riddhi K.
    01/08/2021 07:40

    My heart sinks when I see any creatures or species Extinctions. This is soo bad that We cant save any of them

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