• Achintha V.
    11/15/2020 11:50

    That insect i have seen in sri lanka alive. It lives in banana trees and bananas

  • John L.
    11/08/2020 07:04

    Hurray humans ...keep it up.

  • خديجة م.
    10/28/2020 20:13

    The earwig is still alive and well in Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean). It can be found in and below houses here. No one bothers them or kill them as they are harmless compared to other bugs.

  • Resa A.
    10/27/2020 11:40

    George looks like Diego

  • Rein G.
    10/26/2020 17:59

    They are maybe not extinct earth is wide maybe they are hiding in far away places

  • Rogelio A.
    10/26/2020 12:57

    That last insect living in the coconut every were in the philipines alot of that

  • Recile K.
    10/25/2020 17:49

    Number one was not extinct , coyote peteeson found one , dont know which episode but they have found a female one . Watched it on his channel😊 just sayin'

  • Aeon N.
    10/20/2020 20:06

    That 4th one is not extint I came across several here and it's scary 🙋

  • Jay I.
    10/20/2020 16:02

    Dear, the 2nd and 3rd is already found in Pakistan and if you need come to Pakistan

  • Udit A.
    10/20/2020 14:33

    It must be interpreted like this "4 known species gone extinct rather than 4 species', we still have more to know 🤔🤔

  • Casey K.
    10/18/2020 02:16

    Humans are the worst things that ever happened to this planet. I dare you to change my mind

  • Praveen G.
    10/14/2020 05:51

    Let's put all the blame on us I.e. on humans😭😭😭

  • Joel A.
    10/11/2020 07:51

    The extinct Animal are the main engridients for chinese cooking,

  • Khen M.
    10/10/2020 17:08

    Yong last number 4. Dami pa nyan dito sa Palawan Philippines uy

  • Weynrhey A.
    10/09/2020 00:52

    What a disgrace to human race, we also need to share this world to them

  • Nomi R.
    10/05/2020 06:53

    Glapagous tortoise is back

  • Lester C.
    09/29/2020 10:40

    Humans dont deserve Earth

  • NOzkie D.
    09/20/2020 06:32

    The 4th pic still exists in the philippines

  • Jon-jon O.
    09/18/2020 05:06

    i hope someday humans will extinct too so the earth can heal..

  • Deepak J.
    09/13/2020 13:10

    Millions of animals has been extinct before.. and they will keep on extincting.. even the Humans...

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