1. In Oregon, a funeral for a glacier that melted

  2. Plans to turn the home of Komodo dragons into a tourist attraction raise concern

  3. Combating anti-semitism with matzah

  4. The life of Neil DeGrasse Tyson

  5. Fake turtle eggs against illegal trafficking

  6. Bringing together indigenous people while social distancing

  7. Columbus Day vs. Indigenous Peoples’ Day

  8. A graveyard of sea creatures in Russia

  9. 5 Gen Z leaders working to improve democracy with Civics Unplugged

  10. Rob Greenfield and the art of simple living

  11. Kamala Harris interrupted at the VP debate

  12. Dismantling stereotypes about French women

  13. Young gun control activist talks representation

  14. The history of the Green New Deal

  15. Meanwhile, in Botswana…

  16. The youngest world leader

  17. 2020 election outcome according to Peruvian shamans

  18. Holocaust Survivor's Memories

  19. I Can't Breathe, a poem by jessica Care moore

  20. Meanwhile... the Amazon is burning

  21. Genetically modified mosquitoes released in Florida

  22. The life of John Legend

  23. Shaggy explains the story of "It Wasn't Me"

  24. Brazil: Fighting Amazon fires, deforestation, and Covid-19

  25. The First Genocide of the 20th Century

  26. Viola Davis Against Gender & Race Inequalities

  27. Lebanon: protestors demand government step down

  28. Beirut residents on the aftermath of deadly blast

  29. Grooming A Clean Society

  30. New Gun Control Measures Around the World

  31. Neighbors save two children who jumped from burning building

  32. Inside the life of an MS-13 hitman

  33. International students on Trump's foreign student ban

  34. Brazil's Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19

  35. Has the U.S. been a leader during the COVID crisis?

  36. Back-to-school photos in France go viral

  37. Donald Trump vs. the World Health Organization

  38. It isn't easy wearing a face mask

  39. Meanwhile in Mongolia...

  40. Who Does Trump Think He Is?

  41. Who was Qassem Soleimani?

  42. Mom shares measles story to educate on vaccines

  43. Brazil: Crisis in the favelas amid COVID-19

  44. Donald Trump and social distancing

  45. Supreme Court federal law bans LGBTQ+ employment discrimination

  46. The femicide epidemic in Mexico

  47. Giving sex trafficking survivors economic freedom

  48. How U.S. presidents responded to civil unrest against police brutality

  49. Viral 'Wipe It Down' video shows the reality of black lives

  50. Joe Biden v. Donald Trump on Memorial Day

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