5 stereotypes about veganism

"Veganism is a cult", "You can only get your protein from meat"... Brut Nature asked this animal rights activist to respond to stereotypes about veganism. Here is what she had to say.

05/21/2019 10:47 AM


  • Bertrand C.
    04/14/2020 21:41

    Tg en anglais ça se dit comment ?

  • Simon S.
    01/08/2020 14:24

    My meat looks like a vegetable. It closely resembles an old parsnip that’s well past it’s sell-by date, having dry, wrinkly skin and being floppy to the touch. If that doesn’t disgust a vegan, the cheese on the end certainly will.

  • Bullion S.
    12/21/2019 01:42

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  • Steve R.
    12/14/2019 00:43

    how many things die animals birds insects to protect vegan food the farmer will kill every living creature to protect his crop for you to eat regardless of where in the world your vegan food is grown, merry christmas all xx

  • Sahil M.
    12/01/2019 03:31

    Holy broccoli

  • Susan A.
    12/01/2019 01:16

    What I eat is no one's business.

  • نورالهدى ا.
    11/30/2019 23:19


  • Builaikhai C.
    11/30/2019 07:09


  • Anubhav R.
    11/30/2019 03:30

    Let's walk back in evolution and climb the trees again, eat some leafs maybe and scratch each other's backs.

  • Kaushal S.
    11/30/2019 01:13

    Killing plants isn't ethics either. What about plant's rights?

  • Wiam B.
    11/30/2019 00:28

    Je ne suis pas vegan mais je la trouve superbe ! Respect !

  • Saagar S.
    11/29/2019 19:43

    Loving ru girl

  • Yaseen K.
    11/29/2019 16:15


  • Grace M.
    11/29/2019 13:02

    I just don't like meat

  • Arman A.
    11/29/2019 05:12

    Love for animals but no empathy for Humans Irony

  • Obinindi T.
    11/29/2019 02:39

    Spoiler Alert : "Plants are living beings as well"

  • Anfel T.
    11/29/2019 00:02

    L vide 🙄🙄

  • Ben G.
    11/28/2019 20:51

    Salut j'ai me la nature et tous le monde

  • Deepak V.
    11/28/2019 14:50

    I love this cult 😂😂 Get outta here 😂😂

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