1. The Life of Justin Trudeau

  2. Animal Torture Around the World

  3. 4 Women Inventors to Know

  4. Why Iceland is the World Champion of Gender Equality

  5. Why This Farmer Flipped on Trump

  6. The Life of Jagmeet Singh

  7. Abiy Ahmed Wins Nobel Peace Prize

  8. Why Do Clowns Creep People Out?

  9. Men Get Breast Cancer Too

  10. Tipping Around the World

  11. Anti-Waste Restaurant

  12. Laverne Cox on Violence Against Trans People

  13. The Life of Jackie Chan

  14. Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong Want Americans to Pay Attention

  15. The Comedian Who Just Became President of Ukraine

  16. Global Citizen 2019 Kicks Off in NYC

  17. 4 World Leaders Having a Tough 2019

  18. 5 Dramatic Moments From U.N. History

  19. Jacques Chirac’s Iraq War Opposition

  20. The Story of Nintendo's Mario

  21. Iranian Woman Sets Self on Fire After Stadium Arrest

  22. Tanning vs. Skin Whitening

  23. Meet the First Double-Amputee Child to Model at NYFW

  24. The Massive Scope of Hurricane Dorian’s Damage

  25. The Life of Jack Ma

  26. 5 Measures Used to Deter the Homeless Around the World

  27. 4 Ways You Can Help the Amazon

  28. She's lighting up the runway

  29. Actor Javier Bardem Urges the U.N. to Protect the Ocean

  30. The War Inside Yemen’s Civil War

  31. Something Doesn’t Add Up at the G7...

  32. Meet Turkmenistan's "Modern" Dictator

  33. What is the G7?

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  34. The Life of Ed Sheeran

  35. 8chan Founder Discusses Regret Over His Creation

  36. Asian Countries Send Trash Back to Where it Came From

  37. Child Psychiatrist Helps Refugees Heal From Trauma

  38. Robin Williams' Compassion Will Never Be Forgotten

  39. Meet Victoria’s Secret’s First Openly Transgender Model

  40. 20 Years of Presidents Addressing Mass Shootings

  41. 5 Min To Help Change the World

  42. Olga Misik is the New Symbol of the Russian Resistance

  43. "Made in America"

  44. Chernobyl Survivor Says HBO Series Mirrored Her Reality

  45. College Professor With Autism Empowers Others

  46. "The Shoe That Grows" Helping Kids In Need

  47. Rainbow Railroad Provides Refuge to LGBTQ People

  48. This guy built a prosthetic arm using Lego

  49. Neapolitan Pizza Recognized by UNESCO

  50. Is the "FaceApp Challenge" Safe?

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