8-Year-Old Alone on Birthday Inside a Detention Facility

He just had his 8th birthday inside a detention facility — still separated from his parents due to the Trump administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy.

09/08/2018 7:02 PM


  • Cely C.
    09/30/2018 22:53

    It breaks my's a pity to be separated from your children

  • Butifar C.
    09/21/2018 21:08

    Lo primero es respetar las leyes migratorias de un país y lo segundo volver al tuyo en compañía de hijo y solicitar una visa como lo hacen todas las personas que obedecen las leyes.

  • Gladys L.
    09/21/2018 07:06

    Si hubieran hecho las cosas correctas no estarían dando lastimas !!

  • Dalia S.
    09/19/2018 21:49

    Niños inocentes que Dios los guarde no hay perdón De Dios por este crimen contra esos niños

  • Fatma Ö.
    09/18/2018 21:51

    Ben buna nasil bir yorum yapacağımı bilemedim çünkü türkçe olmadığı için anlamadım vidyoyu bakacaknolursan insanların kötü durumda oldukları beli ve turkiye hakında bazı şeyler anlatıyor anlamadım anladiysam arap olayim

  • Rosemary G.
    09/16/2018 13:56

    Culpen a sus padres por hacerles pasar toda esta inconveniencia

  • Taurean Y.
    09/13/2018 19:32

    GRRRRR !!!

  • Patricia M.
    09/11/2018 04:14

    The only reason he would not be able to get this child is because he cannot prove she is his daughter. People need to stop trying to sneak across the border a go to a port of entry where they can enter LEGALLY. Stop believing everything you read on Facebook, people.

  • Daniel P.
    09/10/2018 19:36

    I know! Let's cry about it.

  • Jim H.
    09/10/2018 10:24

    Think of all American troops that are separated from thier loved ones , some permanatley . Illegals have a dam country to live in and it's not America .

  • Kenny R.
    09/10/2018 00:04

    Work to give education, To feed your kids, to help them make their dreams come true must not be a crime. Crime is let them died for not doing nothing. If one day you decide to travel to another country following your dreams i just hope God bless you and you family..

  • Shirley S.
    09/09/2018 16:40

    This tears my heart out. Can you imagine not being with your 8 year old. Unconscionable.

  • Georg v.
    09/09/2018 11:46

    Separation of parents and their children: the Nazis did this last time. The USA is beside the South Sudan the only country that did not sign the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. it is a shame.

  • Jill H.
    09/09/2018 04:27


  • Peggy Z.
    09/09/2018 04:12

    Give thems back there kids .one time ride home .here theys r in capes r god no where.stop the abuse .with thems baby.hope would you like it if it was your stupid kids r grandkids one days.

  • Robert M.
    09/09/2018 03:11


  • Vera B.
    09/09/2018 03:07

    Return these children.!!

  • Kendra D.
    09/09/2018 02:48

    My daughter just had her 11th birthday in hospital. This is barbaric.

  • James J.
    09/09/2018 02:16

    Because his parents don't want him

  • Jim Y.
    09/08/2018 23:52

    I wish they do that to Baron

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