A day in the life of a rural vet

Providing care for farm animals at any time of day or night is Sébastien's mission. This is how this rural veterinarian spends his days...

A day in the life

Sébastien Davrou is a veterinarian in rural areas. This is how he spends his days…


01/14/2020 11:58 AM


  • Ariel Z.
    04/18/2020 02:45

    Reminds me of James Harriot.

  • Shelisha A.
    04/18/2020 02:11

    May God continue to bless this man and his family

  • Mary L.
    04/17/2020 20:33

    Those poor cows that are on concrete all of the time. An awful life.

  • Joby P.
    04/17/2020 16:14

    Wow..much appreciated 👏

  • Malou T.
    02/29/2020 15:06

    Thank God. You are a super doctor. You treat animals well. God bless you and your family.and these animals.

  • Nébil M.
    02/29/2020 06:23

    I like j'ai adoré

  • Angel M.
    02/28/2020 16:18

    I am just speechless! May God bless you my dear Vet🙏

  • Colin R.
    02/28/2020 13:13

    brilliant job people

  • Ivy G.
    02/28/2020 11:33

    .... His dedication speaks volumes... such a positive soul

  • Ivy G.
    02/28/2020 11:32

    .... such a noble soul... He deserves so much more 👍

  • Emperatriz B.
    02/28/2020 04:18

    Que hermoso nacimiento 👍👍😭😭🙏

  • Bebot M.
    02/27/2020 04:50

    That's what we need,a dedicated vet with no time table.I hope the Lord will shower you with good health,much love,fortune,a happy disposition,contentment and long life.Bless you !

  • Sali L.
    02/26/2020 05:42

    Good job Guy

  • Erum Z.
    02/25/2020 01:57

    God bless you

  • Leonor E.
    02/23/2020 19:41

    Hermoso trabajo gran corazón

  • Suree V.
    02/23/2020 16:07

    Because I am my brother also veterinarians

  • Jethro M.
    02/22/2020 13:49

    I like that job but my parentz hate it i hope i can do what i want to be😢

  • Mohammad W.
    02/21/2020 17:40

    Very impressive. Really he is a nice man. Wish him long and healthy life.

  • Maria L.
    02/20/2020 11:26

    Bello señor, Dios te bendiga, que alegría ver a alguien solidario con esos pobres animalitos, gracias!

  • Eddie L.
    02/20/2020 09:42

    And FOOTBALLERS get millions just to kick a ball. UNBELIEVABLE. 🤔