A green ski slope on top of a waste plant in Copenhagen

A ski slope on top of a waste-to-energy plant. This is the innovative recreational area of Copenhill which is meant to open at the end of 2019.

07/14/2019 6:36 AM


  • Reggie E.
    12/17/2019 08:52

    might have to ask Uncle Gupta for one at work

  • John D.
    12/16/2019 21:48

    I'm interested to know how the toxic products of combustion of man made materials is dealt with?

  • Jānis S.
    12/16/2019 21:21

    And also inhaling those factory fumes coming out of chimneys...

  • Ivana T.
    12/16/2019 19:05


  • Diana L.
    12/15/2019 05:19


  • Susan P.
    12/14/2019 22:35

    The Danish have got it figured out from go to whoa! Why can’t the billionaires of this world invest in something like this. It’s just pocket money for them!

  • Katie D.
    12/14/2019 14:52

    we have to go here when we’re in Copenhagen!

  • Dong C.
    12/14/2019 07:28

    we missed all the fun

  • Alma L.
    12/14/2019 05:38

    Here in Shetland we too have a waste to energy plant. In our main town in Lerwick which provides heating to the town.

  • Ne R.
    12/14/2019 04:32

    in our countrywe skii on the grass itself,no walls,no ceiling no floor🎶

  • Phoenix T.
    12/14/2019 04:27

    Amazing innovation!

  • DC W.
    12/14/2019 04:12

    Those people are innovative geniuses. The whole world needs more of that.

  • Steven D.
    12/14/2019 04:06

    Fantastic. There are smart, innovative governments and corporations in the world who operate from a base of integrity and make their populations proud to say where they're from, unfortunately, at the moment I don't feel Australia is one of them. I'm sure there are so many positive, innovative, beneficial steps we as a nation could be taking but I can't see it happening under the leadership we have at this time.

  • Roy D.
    12/14/2019 03:41


  • Justin V.
    12/14/2019 03:11

    Just outstanding how we try to recreate what we once had and with irony, trash is what helped cause the snow to go away!

  • Ma L.
    12/14/2019 00:46

    The ingenuity of man, on full display! 👏

  • Muthaveerabhadra K.
    12/13/2019 23:26

    Place the PLANT IN INDIA... u can find 100 years of work... without wasting a minute

  • Margaret U.
    12/13/2019 21:30

    I have often wondered why more countries don't build waste-to-energy plants

  • John Q.
    12/13/2019 20:10

    Oh that’s so horrible! They should be putting solar panels up there instead of stupid skiing stuff! (To get the full effect, say this out loud in a squeaky, high pitched voice.)

  • Christopher I.
    12/13/2019 19:56

    I thought plastic was bad. Now we want to make plastic mountains to ski on? lol

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