• Oh D.
    12/18/2017 19:39

    To a zoo...?

  • Arriba S.
    12/18/2017 20:03

    Too many people, not enough trees. People all over the world need access to effective long-term contraception.

  • Haughton P.
    12/18/2017 21:10

    Should have shot it, it would of been more humane than caging a wild animal in a zoo!!!

  • Sanna P.
    12/18/2017 21:49

    From being trapped in a well to life in prison

  • Fiona F.
    12/18/2017 22:17

    From the wild to a cage. Doubt the poor leopard will be thankful for being 'rescued'. So sad.

  • Bandana R.
    12/19/2017 14:00

    A wild animal trapped helplessly.... acting to help these brainless ppl took it to zoo to be caged.... R u fucking out of mind... bragging of it as if u have done a great job Where is forest department.... u need to release the leopard after required treatment....

  • Tom C.
    12/20/2017 01:02

    Why the fuck have they put a wild leopard in a zoo!

  • Khangal B.
    12/20/2017 03:09

    Lol Unfortunate mofo

  • Mark M.
    12/20/2017 10:54

    overpopulation isresponsible

  • Ahmed N.
    12/21/2017 14:28

    , Jihane, don't these folks gathered here to see what would happen to an animal remind you of Shooting an Elephant? xD

  • Hassan A.
    12/21/2017 21:39

    From well to the zoo. Motherfuckers what then is the point of getting him out of the well?

  • Barbara W.
    12/23/2017 03:50

    People should not be populating the forest where the animals like the leopard live. Either watch what u r doing or get out so the animals can live peacefully

  • Mourad O.
    12/25/2017 13:28

    سبحان الله

  • Alafoosh A.
    12/26/2017 04:59