A pig forced to bungee jump in China

A pig pushed off a bungee jump tower. This footage filmed in a theme park in China has caused outrage.

The animal was pushed off a 70-meter-high tower wearing a cape

Filmed in a Chinese amusement park, this stunt, organized for the opening of a new bungee attraction, has provoked many reactions on social networks and among animal rights associations.

A park’s spokesperson claims the pig was taken to the slaughterhouse after the jump. Following the controversy, the park officials apologized for what was initially “just a bit of entertainment.” Today, in China, there are no laws on animal abuse.


01/21/2020 5:56 PM


  • Emrick R.
    05/07/2020 09:26

    They should let those people doing bungee jump without a line or anything

  • Jeremy P.
    03/08/2020 11:28

    this pig is probably having so much fun.

  • Cinzia C.
    02/23/2020 22:01

    Ma fate veramente schifo!!!

  • Janice B.
    02/17/2020 16:37


  • Hayley M.
    02/16/2020 17:43


  • Ron M.
    02/11/2020 03:26

    Crazy poeple

  • Ngatupuna M.
    02/06/2020 23:25

    Poor pig sad

  • エスピリトゥ ニ.
    02/06/2020 02:36

    this is very cruel i could almost feel the stress that the pig has gone through - they could have killed the pig first then do the ritual of that nonsense promotional just to say “I bid you adieu” or equivalent to saying goodbye 2018 or 2019 so no torture happened

  • Ryan M.
    02/04/2020 03:10

    Anyone who finds this entertaining or comical, whether superstitious or not, is a sick individual. I can't describe how much evil there is for all viewing and cheering. Sick world. This is when I find humanity a disgrace. I wish the spectators bungee jumped off the same platform with cord around their necks. I don't care if that thought is a eye for an eye, because I would cheer it on and happily be a spectator cheering. China - your culture with this sick, bizarre, disgusting thought is just one reason I don't care for you. Seems so many of you are numb to feeling kindness, emotions of empathy and kindness, remorse, and other living things feelings. I can't watch, because I will be so disturbed by my own race of human beings in this world.

  • Deejaii T.
    02/01/2020 02:09

    Don't these nakers eat bats lol

  • Nic B.
    01/31/2020 15:01

    Y’all are babies, it’s a pig. Also it’s hilarious

  • Christopher W.
    01/31/2020 04:40

    Hey pigs are flying yall better hope hell dont freezing over to

  • Kiwani T.
    01/30/2020 22:58

    Atleast they ain't slaughter it for bacon

  • Kamie K.
    01/30/2020 07:48

    this is sickening to watch 😭

  • Iris R.
    01/30/2020 05:39

    China mlp .They said just to entertain y’all have no respect and clearly not mine.

  • Tim S.
    01/29/2020 19:20

    My last request would be to do Miss Piggy instead of bungee jumping.🤷

  • Antonio P.
    01/29/2020 17:49

    The Chinese are horrible to animals. I hope they suffer for their cruelty!!

  • Keith D.
    01/29/2020 09:39

    Lol. Most pigs go str8 to the barbecue and y'all mad cause this mfer got to have a little fun in his life before we delved into the delicacies which is bacon¿ Stfu

  • Charley M.
    01/28/2020 21:29

    Testing for Americans?

  • Marta L.
    01/28/2020 03:42