• Ronmer M.
    02/11/2020 03:26

    Crazy poeple

  • Ryan M.
    02/04/2020 03:10

    Anyone who finds this entertaining or comical, whether superstitious or not, is a sick individual. I can't describe how much evil there is for all viewing and cheering. Sick world. This is when I find humanity a disgrace. I wish the spectators bungee jumped off the same platform with cord around their necks. I don't care if that thought is a eye for an eye, because I would cheer it on and happily be a spectator cheering. China - your culture with this sick, bizarre, disgusting thought is just one reason I don't care for you. Seems so many of you are numb to feeling kindness, emotions of empathy and kindness, remorse, and other living things feelings. I can't watch, because I will be so disturbed by my own race of human beings in this world.

  • Marta L.
    01/28/2020 03:42


  • Raven W.
    01/28/2020 02:30


  • Mwangi J.
    01/27/2020 11:43

    People are being killed in China, Muslims are exterminated while you're showing us a pig forced to bungee jump. Showing so much compassion.

  • Marianne D.
    01/25/2020 20:39

    Very sad 😢

  • Ethan J.
    01/25/2020 08:45

    And the pig is not for entertaining!!

  • Ethan J.
    01/25/2020 08:45

    Pig are not human pig are animal!!

  • Jim V.
    01/25/2020 08:36

    Those sarcastic comments though 😂😂😂😂

  • Amit C.
    01/25/2020 08:34

    Fuck China

  • Ziyad R.
    01/25/2020 06:20

    What do you expect. They can't even treat people right in China. Animals don't stand a chance

  • Kenny L.
    01/25/2020 06:06


  • Buwana C.
    01/25/2020 02:51

    The death toll from Coronavirus rose to 41 as 15 more people in China died from the virus. The virus has spread to Europe, with 3 cases confirmed in France- adaderana.lk

  • Karim G.
    01/25/2020 01:31

    Fucking humans

  • Melvin H.
    01/25/2020 01:18

    This is how coronavirus mutated

  • Jason T.
    01/25/2020 00:45

    The authorities must punish the people who did it to deter others to follow!

  • Lee R.
    01/24/2020 23:22

    We eat bacon everyday..... wtf y’all bitching about?

  • Christine H.
    01/24/2020 22:23

    I cant watch...nope cant do it. :(

  • Stevo W.
    01/24/2020 22:22

    Why not a two legged pig insted of one with four poor thing

  • JD T.
    01/24/2020 22:05

    Apparently the meat taste better when they're more terrified