A Sumatran tiger was found dead in an Indonesian village

Thinking it was a supernatural creature, Indonesian villagers brutally killed a Sumatran tiger.

03/12/2018 5:01 PM


  • Bogdan N.
    03/14/2018 14:05

    What do we want from a non-educated and extremely poor nation? They are just like savages, nothing more, bloody murderers! 😡

  • Marko V.
    03/13/2018 05:24

    ljudi su glupi.

  • Mukhles S.
    03/13/2018 04:42


  • Irene I.
    03/13/2018 01:05

    The destruction of mankind! Not surprised!

  • Brittany W.
    03/13/2018 00:39

    Charge the whole damn village and incarcerate the “chief”

  • Mas B.
    03/13/2018 00:07

    The reasons behind this kill is ridiculously stupid if they have religions, believe in God, no such things as supernatural being could phisically hurts human, it's because they just want to have parts of tiger's body to sell. And even the govt officials were forced to sign a statement to allow the killers to kill the tiger. Fact!!

  • Hellme X.
    03/12/2018 22:24


  • Erjon S.
    03/12/2018 22:17

    Assholes !

  • Irish R.
    03/12/2018 21:41

    Why can't we get more of these people as immigrants? These up and coming superstitious savages.

  • Megan D.
    03/12/2018 21:33

    Are you people serious? This animal wandered into the village on multiple occasions. It even severely injured one of the villagers... They have the right to get rid of it to protect their families. We here in the West do the same when bears or other wild animals venture into our neighborhoods. It's sad that the Tiger had to die, but necessary. Geeze people.

  • Aimilianos K.
    03/12/2018 21:04

    medieval period...

  • Miriam G.
    03/12/2018 20:59

    What ashame on you

  • Georgi A.
    03/12/2018 20:31

    Freaking beliefs...

  • Joseph G.
    03/12/2018 19:38

    To much people they should give away contraseptives for free .

  • Scarlett C.
    03/12/2018 18:45

    'Thought' bullshit.

  • Federika M.
    03/12/2018 18:09

    Stupidity and ignorance

  • Rupak M.
    03/12/2018 18:03

    what a bunch of retards!!

  • Connar A.
    03/12/2018 18:01

    Yall need toolook at it from the villagers perspectives. Fuckin idiot's

  • Diane C.
    03/12/2018 17:31

    I have an idea put that village leader out side and let people hunt and kill him. What a uneducated dick.

  • Asier I.
    03/12/2018 17:24

    Indonesians are th worst, next to chinese .

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