• Ricky H.
    05/05/2019 08:40

    We need another plague

  • Sammy C.
    05/05/2019 08:42

    Humans are literally the worst species in earth

  • Jason F.
    05/05/2019 09:25

    For those who don't already know, the 2 remaining white rhinos are female. End of a species.

  • Sara L.
    05/05/2019 10:35

    Human race is like a disease spreading around the world, we need to cure this disease.

  • Jess T.
    05/05/2019 10:45

    I know people will disagree. These animals should be removed from the wild. They should be immediately inducted into a selective breeding program that helps to produce the maximum births possible. In order to ensure the long-term survival of these species they each need to have a minimum viable population. These animals in the wild are isolated by vast distance which makes breeding impossible and leads to increased genetic depression from inbreeding. Vast swaths of land sit unused as traditional cattle ranching dies out. Create a safari park with as natural conditions as possible. If they have suitable wildlands to support a large population, the disconnected animals should be shipped to a forcefully protected location to establish a concentrated population. Time is running out some of these animals will reach the natural end of their life within 15 years. It is absolutely necessary we take expedient action. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Mans unbelievable selfishness and insatiable greed has consequences we can no longer regard as irrelevant. Habitat destruction, poaching, and climate change, will claim these iconic creatures. Life is the most rare and precious element in the universe. These creatures have immeasurable worth and if we allow them to go extinct...we will live in a sad world devoid of beauty. The loss of animal life proves that mankind holds nothing as sacred. Find a way to help, #WorldWildlifeFund

  • Yiota S.
    05/05/2019 10:54


  • Nick A.
    05/05/2019 17:25

    Truly heartbreaking 💔 The human race only knows greed and destruction. Sadly, our species will suffer the same consequences if not already happening.

  • Andy C.
    05/05/2019 18:15

    Really makes you think. I for one shall make some serious lifestyle changes. I'll start by burning more tyres.

  • Maya S.
    05/06/2019 02:33

    In malaya and surrounding islands started with the british bringing in bonded labour from india for the rubber plantations and palm oil chinese labour was for the tin mines

  • Marsha V.
    05/06/2019 03:48

    There are none of the Chinese turtles left. The last one just died.

  • Brandon D.
    05/08/2019 18:30

    yeah its because 95% of all damned peace of shit humans dont care! we are the god damn problem yet no one wants to face that truth cuz they want the "easy" life the "comfortable" life cuz we dont want to face hardship and show a care, we are the ones that need to be have our numbers dropped like that then maybe! we might see how the fuck it feels

  • Karen D.
    05/08/2019 23:00

    This is sad...

  • Shelby L.
    05/09/2019 12:59

    Typical HUMANS half our population needs to be put down

  • James A.
    05/09/2019 15:10

    How can we let this happen? Why are we doing this?

  • Mike L.
    05/10/2019 14:16

    This is the real terrorism and genocide

  • Viorica V.
    05/11/2019 13:22


  • Tania C.
    05/11/2019 13:34

    We should be ashamed of ourselves

  • Bagus A.
    05/13/2019 22:05

    Well we deserve die

  • Marty P.
    05/14/2019 22:28

    We will be failures as humans if we let that happen, seriously, no kidding!!

  • Rudy G.
    05/16/2019 03:33

    Death March...