Animal Cruelty Around the World

Animal cruelty is a federal felony for the first time in American history. Here's how the United States stacks up against other countries around the world.

New laws that bans acts of animal torture

In the United States President Trump made acts of animal cruelty a federal crime on November 25th, 2019. Punishments can include fines or 7 years in prison, or both. The bill doesn’t apply to people who slaughter animals for food, hunt, and trap fish.

In Switzerland even the dignity of animals is protected by a constitutional provision. Animals recognized as social, like guinea pigs, must be kept in pairs. It’s illegal to boil lobsters alive and to stop a dog from barking. Dog owners were even required to take mandatory training courses up until 2016. Willful cruelty is punishable by up to 3 years in prison. Negligent cruelty is punishable by a fine of up to $20,034. Cows have special status and can’t be transported for more than 6 hours and must be stunned before slaughter.

In India cows also have special status. They are holy animals for Hindus and even have a 24-hour helpline in Haryana to prevent their theft and mishandling. Dolphins have their own specific rights and are seen as non-human persons. / considered “highly intelligent and sensitive”. Here, if any animal is subjected to any form of cruelty the offender is subject to fines of up to 0.50 - 0.70 worth in rupees.

In Tanzania wildlife is protected. Over 44% of Tanzania’s land mass is reserved for national parks and game reserves according to, and while the Animal Welfare Act 2008 prohibits causing unnecessary suffering and avoidable suffering in specific cases, hunters can still pay thousands of dollars to kill nearly any animal and poaching is still a serious problem.

In France animals are considered to be sentient beings. But up until 2014, their legal status was the same as objects. The Penal Code still permits cockfighting and bullfighting in areas where the tradition exists, along with force-feeding in foie gras production. Anyone who abuses an animal gets a fine of $823. If it’s an act of grave cruelty towards a domestic animal, tamed animal, captive animal and they can face up to 2 years in prison and even be forbidden to keep house pets.


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  • Hernando B.
    12/30/2019 09:29

    Its crazy how people care more for animals than humans. But I forgot, you've got to be "considered" human first. Dam hypocrites 🙄

  • Darlene W.
    12/28/2019 09:07

    This from a man with a mansion full of stuffed , wild , exotic animals that his sons murdered in canned hunts . They put the animals in fenced in areas so they can't escape and the hunters pay exorbitant amounts of money , upwards of 2 million dollars , to go in the fenced in area and murder them. He literally had a raffle during his inauguration for the opportunity to murder one of these canned animals. Look it up .

  • Barbara M.
    12/24/2019 01:08

    I eat meat sorry .

  • John P.
    12/17/2019 13:58

    The real reason that Don the Con doesn't have a dog is because he would kick it everyday and his syncophants wouldn't get over it.

  • Patti W.
    12/11/2019 19:04

    Try to get a country cop to enforce it!!

  • Rodica G.
    12/11/2019 18:50

    Very good all countries should do that!!!!!

  • Amy G.
    12/09/2019 14:34

    This motherfucker has two faces I don’t trust him because he’s kids they like go hunting

  • Amy G.
    12/09/2019 14:33


  • Phoenix T.
    12/08/2019 09:45

    It may look good at the very beginning, but tons of animals are left out. I don’t think it’s good over all.

  • Claudia F.
    12/07/2019 01:41

    Criminal LIER.99% IS OUT.

  • Claudia F.
    12/07/2019 01:40

    99% ANIMALS are out OF THIS mãe.

  • Gary L.
    12/06/2019 16:53

    But cruelty to children is okay.

  • Scott K.
    12/06/2019 14:54

    one right does not account for so many wrongs.

  • Mark K.
    12/06/2019 13:30

    While Daddies Boys kill wild animals in Africa. The Irony...

  • Vibhash G.
    12/06/2019 11:57

    at least don't give Switzerland example. That country thrives on crime money.

  • Mike M.
    12/06/2019 07:16


  • Kim A.
    12/06/2019 03:03

    Please give me the name of this track, is it in the chillhop genre? 🤔 cant find it....

  • Tony D.
    12/06/2019 00:27

    soooooo about all that factory farming......

  • Pat C.
    12/05/2019 22:05

    Law doesn't mean anything if it is not enforced.

  • Sandra T.
    12/05/2019 17:33

    Bravo, Trump ❤ Who says that you re not a good President? ;)