• Marjo R.
    07/17/2018 06:51


  • Rowan A.
    07/17/2018 06:52

    show regan

  • Vaibhav P.
    07/17/2018 06:54


  • Philipp K.
    07/17/2018 07:04

    guck mal Flaschen😀

  • June F.
    07/17/2018 08:49

    They are not UV resistant. Will fracture.

  • Claudia B.
    07/17/2018 09:03

    This house were to help homeless people, mostly in the north of the country where the weather is hot and it's rainy too. Also, you can't put electricity inside and of course is not UV resistant at all. But, if you don't have any place you can do this house and re start your life with a roof above you, learn, be part of something and also recycle, it's a great idea!!!

  • Nathanial L.
    07/17/2018 09:13

    This will last 4 years before the UV sun rays ruin it's structural integrity... Meanwhile, you're getting cancer from all the plastic fumes as it decays, and skin cancer due to no shade / protection from the light of the sun. And I ask you, why are you sharing this / glorifying this at all...?

  • Dinesh S.
    07/17/2018 15:53

    Very nice

  • Kristin A.
    07/17/2018 17:12


  • Jeannette C.
    07/17/2018 18:10

    If you stick with it; you will see it is an artistic home with many interesting features. At first it doesn't look too good.

  • Glenda C.
    07/17/2018 19:42


  • Elizabeth M.
    07/17/2018 22:02

    I draw the line when it comes to furniture. A house maybe, but Not furniture! And where's the electricity? Hmm.

  • Gayle P.
    07/17/2018 22:25

    thankfully all the plastic is not in the ocean.

  • Isy M.
    07/18/2018 01:35

    yet another example of your dream house (although notably lacking the live performance art aspect)

  • Raymond D.
    07/18/2018 11:28

    Not in australia!!!!!

  • Raymond D.
    07/18/2018 11:30

    Let them enjoy it while they can , better sleeping under a tree eh!!

  • Lilian B.
    07/18/2018 13:58

    Impresionante que gran creatividad.felicidades..saludos desde chile.

  • Annette Y.
    07/18/2018 22:33

    laat mae zien als ze al die flessen nou spaart!? Hahahagha

  • Diana B.
    07/19/2018 09:58

    Sabrina Gehlert.. weißt du noch „Häusle bauen „ bei plötzlich am Meer 😍🍾

  • Maryanne P.
    07/23/2018 01:29

    O’dear and the plastic war.