Australian senator manterrupted

Manterrupting: Australian edition. This female senator had a perfect put-down for an interrupting male colleague. 💪💅

06/22/2017 12:30 PM


  • Akash K.
    01/03/2018 18:17

    Oye hoye 🔥a

  • Julia P.
    01/03/2018 06:31


  • Dustin D.
    01/02/2018 23:55

    This is about as bad as the Australian cunt whi said man's planing

  • Jeremy C.
    01/02/2018 19:53

    classic government banter

  • Julia J.
    01/02/2018 15:17

    I'm trying to work out what agenda "Brut" has at the moment. Surely with a name like "Brut," you're taking the piss with your sudden concern for women.

  • Igor V.
    01/02/2018 12:52

    Manterrupting haha what a word. Ow man this is brilliant I am laughing my ass of Jesus fucking capital H Christ. You guys are funny.

  • Borko J.
    01/02/2018 06:13

    Is she dual Australian citizen or not??

  • David M.
    01/02/2018 05:51

    fucking love her.

  • Luke P.
    01/01/2018 03:25

    this lady seem funny and nice.

  • Kyle H.
    12/31/2017 19:00

    skip to 1:00 and listen closely to the old guy

  • Elsa D.
    12/31/2017 09:52


  • Paul T.
    12/31/2017 09:08

    I'd reply to a comment on here, but I'd be manterupting. I'd post my own comment, but then I'd be mansplaining.

  • Raymond F.
    12/31/2017 05:27

    Are politics even real?

  • Rodney H.
    12/30/2017 22:30

    James Anthony new year new word “manterruption.” Read it, study it, live it. Stop interrupting people

  • Adam R.
    12/30/2017 17:18

    Yes, him being male is the defining point of this exchange, fucking idiots

  • Liam D.
    12/30/2017 15:35

    Goto about 36 seconds and you can see her interrupt the dude

  • Chase D.
    12/29/2017 21:44

    Manterrupting? That’s isn’t even a real word you tards.

  • Felix A.
    12/29/2017 09:19

    The last gentleman sounded like Shrek. ..Donkey!!!

  • Jérôme T.
    12/28/2017 23:09

    Aïeli dizordeli 1:05 Un scottish qui s'est infiltré chez les Aussies ;)

  • David A.
    12/28/2017 19:33

    Coming back to the question at hand x100000

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