• Maricon L.
    06/12/2020 07:29

    Wow! There are so many balloons are flying 😮😯

  • Sue R.
    07/08/2019 18:57

    Please don't buy any more balloons!

  • Barbara A.
    04/16/2019 16:43

    Ban balloons

  • Amelia Z.
    04/16/2019 03:31

    I know even if balloons aren't released into the air, they can still end up in landfills, which can overflow into the ocean.

  • Lindi L.
    04/15/2019 09:28

    Da haben wir es!

  • Susan G.
    04/15/2019 03:08

    This is just one reason I hate balloons,

  • Penny T.
    04/12/2019 20:55

    Don’t buy these!!! Don’t release these into the world!

  • Ann W.
    04/11/2019 11:44

    Balloons an lanterns are a real nuisance cause no end of pollution.

  • Jordan H.
    04/10/2019 17:03

    looks like I need to find something else to use at parties

  • Amelia Z.
    04/10/2019 04:32

    The bad thing about releasing balloons is they wind up in the ocean, where they can lose their color, and marine life can mistake them for jellyfish. The balloons are not digestible.

  • Cynthia G.
    04/10/2019 04:13

    Live and learn. The innocent things of yesteryear are now known sources of pollution and death to sea creatures. I am boycotting balloons and live animal shows.

  • Tim L.
    04/08/2019 19:33

    Same with plastic garbage bags. I miss the brown paper bags you used to get. My mother saved them as a kid and found dozens of uses for the bags. Plastic in general is just bad. A lot of people don't know that oil is required to make plastics and it takes forever to biodegrade in landfills. Later gator.

  • Martin F.
    04/08/2019 16:19


  • Ginger S.
    04/08/2019 09:03

    I find more balloons in Folsom Lake than I do plastic grocery bags following the California state ban on plastic bags. Balloons are a big problem.

  • Hannah G.
    04/08/2019 07:58

    oh nooo

  • Mikey M.
    04/07/2019 05:34

    Stop ruining everything. Jesus. I wish the internet would cease to exist.

  • Sherry T.
    04/06/2019 16:50


  • Michael O.
    04/04/2019 03:43

    What's next scum bags

  • Tim T.
    04/04/2019 01:36

    When will we ever learn....when will we ever learn? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balloonfest_%2786

  • Dawn D.
    04/03/2019 21:51

    you can blow bubbles instead

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