• Yi J.
    06/22/2020 08:13

    Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion has been built for the same logic, to exploit young girls for sexual and material gains. Men typically go for 3 things in life: sex, money and influence. The laws of the jungle work according to the rules of liberal market capitalism.

  • Gurkirpal J.
    06/08/2020 21:51

    Plastic on their net

  • AbangChik K.
    04/16/2020 09:21

    Yeah birdy you are not alone..

  • Daniyaal S.
    04/13/2020 07:57

    Becky lemme smash is all I heard lol

  • Ruth M.
    04/12/2020 03:06


  • Heidi D.
    04/11/2020 16:57

    Shame, all that plastic 😔

  • Людмила Ж.
    04/11/2020 16:14

    Птицы шалашники.

  • Bulényi D.
    04/11/2020 13:06

    Watch Dancing with the birds :)

  • Khurram S.
    04/11/2020 07:42

  • Sumita R.
    04/11/2020 03:26

    Very interesting!

  • Oliver J.
    04/11/2020 00:51

    Definitely NOT a nest! Its a bower which the male makes to seduce females, after mating the female is on her own making her own nest and raising her own chicks... males never have any role in building actual nest.. these bowers are just for display

  • Ne R.
    04/10/2020 23:56

    Be wise ladies haus on the firsthand.

  • Jocelyn B.
    04/10/2020 20:52

    and all my Zambian art friends - thought you might enjoy this artist's work. If you google image you will see his brothers all have thier own styles.

  • Tonina L.
    04/10/2020 20:48


  • Robert P.
    04/10/2020 20:35

    So, not too different from humans.

  • Luca D.
    04/10/2020 20:25

    For Today's Humans it's a matter of Wallet Size and Narcisstic Self-Confidence. Yay Evolution.

  • Lee A.
    04/10/2020 20:07

    They are NOT nests. The bowers are dancing, i.e. attracting grounds. The mating may be at the bower, but the nests are definitely elsewhere.

  • Aalekh B.
    04/10/2020 19:36

    All this to get laid, huh not bad I guess 😂🤣

  • Cat K.
    04/10/2020 19:33

    An human males think woman are demanding... All most men have to do to impress a girl is buy flowers an not act like a tosser... wait no easy girls will even accept them acting like a tosser lol but these birds have to build a shrine to get their leg over... 🤔 Now that's what I call standards lol

  • Prachi M.
    04/10/2020 19:12

    They know the Colors and arts wow 😲

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