Brazil: dolphins working alongside fishermen

Dolphins helping fishermen catch fish. It may seem unbelievable but this special relationship can actually be observed in Laguna, Brazil.

04/20/2019 8:41 AM


  • Abdon B.
    10/01/2020 04:21

    Known to some people, dolphin and other cetaceans are the real farmers of oceans, seas and rivers. They are the tenders of all marine life. They are "computerize" to help fishermen to harvest the fish that they(cetaceans) have raised. They can help fishermen around the world, if they are allowed to exist and not massacred. You may notice that in countries where there are lots of cetaceans (whales and dolphins), fishes are in abundance.

  • Jorge A.
    04/22/2020 14:16

    👏👏👏👏👏 Top. Maravilhoso

  • Andrew L.
    04/02/2020 03:09

    very cool

  • Lee J.
    03/11/2020 17:53


  • Ivan M.
    03/08/2020 21:54

    🤗👍 Hvor vildt. Skal du snart med på tur

  • Cindy M.
    03/08/2020 00:07

    I read somewhere that orcas would drive whales to the men hunting and the law of the tongue was applied. The orcas got to eat the whales tongue and left the body for the men to take. Once this law was broken and the whalers did not let the orcas eat any of the whale the orcas stopped coming around to help. Don't know if fact or myth and where this originated.

  • Jo M.
    03/07/2020 21:22


  • Ryan F.
    03/07/2020 19:49

    They’ve hi jacked the dolphins strategy. Lazy fucks.

  • Nesrine C.
    08/24/2019 16:39


  • Joe E.
    08/04/2019 10:29

    Hope those dolphins wont go to China or they may end in pot..

  • Diana G.
    07/04/2019 09:09

    So much nicer gthan when dolphins are hearded for capture and bashed!!

  • Veronica M.
    06/22/2019 07:42

    Godbles sa mga lugar sa ma a

  • Tavo R.
    06/20/2019 16:23

    Soo cool

  • Katherine F.
    06/20/2019 01:17

    the dolphins probably tell each other what smart people live in their neighborhood.

  • Greg S.
    06/20/2019 00:14

    I hear they use 20% of there brain humans use 10%%%

  • Miguel B.
    06/19/2019 18:27

    what's in it for the dolphins?

  • Rey A.
    06/19/2019 16:14

    But most fishermen kolls them becoz they prey with the fish that these fishermen supposed to catch.

  • Christa P.
    06/18/2019 21:07

    Also an ancient tradition in Mauritania

  • Crystal R.
    06/18/2019 12:27

    These Dolphins are traitors lol haahha jk

  • Rose F.
    06/18/2019 11:32

    Wow I was so amazed. So much love to the nature so the nature love you back.

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