China: These humans are doing the work of bees

Pollinating plants by hand. That's the method used in China's Sichuan province because of the decline of bee populations.

06/25/2019 3:17 PMupdated: 06/25/2019 3:32 PM
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  • Ashish W.
    06/25/2019 15:56

    Start of apocalypse 😑

  • Andrea A.
    06/25/2019 16:09

    this is what I was talking about the other day

  • David A.
    06/25/2019 16:57

    Bees can't survive without sunlight and fresh air

  • Marion S.
    06/25/2019 17:40

    Like in the novel The History Of Bees 😳

  • Renee S.
    06/25/2019 18:21

    Wow. The Earth is dying. So difficult to wrap my brain around it.

  • Nancy M.
    06/25/2019 18:25

    Not because of "intensive agriculture"! P E S T I C I D E S !

  • Nancy M.
    06/25/2019 18:25

    Kills bees and makes people sick

  • Kerry S.
    06/26/2019 03:35


  • Daniella M.
    06/26/2019 04:56

    remember when I read that sci fi novel about people in China pollinating trees by hand because all the bees died? Maybe it was non fiction after all 🤔😭

  • Vevey Z.
    06/26/2019 09:55

    We have a big bee in the philippines and it owns a fast food chain.

  • Carmen R.
    06/26/2019 12:55

    future career

  • Taipan S.
    06/27/2019 07:10


  • Elsa D.
    06/27/2019 12:12

    They killed the sparrows, hunger came so they did it yo themselves, you can find it googling

  • Edwin R.
    06/27/2019 14:02

    Lo único que hacemos como raza superior es destruir a las demás especies , el hombre será el principal responsable de la destrucción del mundo 🌍

  • گوهدار
    06/27/2019 21:13

    بدایة النهايه نهاية النحل

  • Ma-Anne S.
    06/28/2019 08:41

    The air is overly polluted no bees will survive. And chemicals sprays they use on crops kill the surviving bees

  • Peter O.
    06/28/2019 10:36

    I think the need to reintroduce bees or program Drones to do the job...

  • Jansa A.
    06/28/2019 13:50


  • Jb H.
    06/28/2019 16:44

    Get some bees!

  • Ruby Y.
    06/29/2019 15:43

    Bees hives are also being harvested with produce honey that is stored food for new bees. bees lay their eggs in the bee hive. most bees are used commercially to produce honey which most them are in the city bees when they come back in the hive the pollen is already in the other plantation. the absence of flowers make the bees migrate farther. China solve that problem by hand pollination which i think its not safe climbing trees its time consuming.