China: thousands of cats and dogs are killed each year during Yulin festival

Thousands of dogs tortured, boiled alive, and killed for their meat. This is what happens each year in China during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

06/21/2018 6:46 AM


  • Gail W.
    an hour

    Just sickening. These people and their practice of slaughtering defenceless dogs and cats for consumption are a disgrace to humanity.

  • Jax B.
    3 hours

    They would eat their own s**t if they could F***** Disgusting

  • Tracy T.
    3 hours


  • Ulrike M.
    4 hours

    so grausig🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Antje S.
    4 hours

    Alle sollen elendig verrecken daran🤬

  • איריס י.
    4 hours

    אכזריים בגלל זה אלוהים גזר עליכם מחלה ושמה קורונה חבל שלו מחקה אותכם מהעולם הזה מסכנים הכלבים איך אפשר איך

  • Sylvia A.
    6 hours


  • Hardik S.
    6 hours

    Just because this is about dogs, video gets 14k+ angry reactions and backlashing comments. Instead if they show chicken or fish or pig or rabbit or cow or just eggs... People would be like wow that's delicious. CAT AND DOG LOVERS ARE NOT ANIMAL LOVERS. AT ALL.

  • Janine D.
    7 hours

    Is this still going on? Thought they stopped it?

  • Pappy B.
    9 hours

    Ils boufferait leur merde sa m'étonne pas qu'on a chopé le virus

  • Mike T.
    11 hours

    That is so cruel what is wrong with these people and how can this happen in today's time why can't the government stop it. So sad

  • Michele E.
    12 hours

    They are vile , bomb the lot of them

  • Kevin J.
    15 hours

    STOP THIS NOW'!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dionne B.
    16 hours

    Ignorant People

  • Dionne B.
    16 hours

    Dirty Evil People 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Rondda J.
    16 hours

    fkin vermin dirty bastards

  • Mirka M.
    17 hours

    Nepochopím, proč?

  • Ruth A.
    17 hours

    This is the worst most barbaric I've have ever seen these people need to be educated I don't even know if they know what kindness is or having a heart of any kind they're horrible breaks my heart this has got to stop

  • Ray A.
    19 hours

    And than they say they have human rights, pathetic

  • Oriana M.
    a day

    That is disgusting

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