• Eric D.
    21 minutes

    No benifits for UN, surely they will ban it.. UN act like a GOD, but in worst version..😄

  • Christopher B.
    28 minutes

    Coca increases the body's absorption of oxygen. The reason why it is sacred to these people living at high altitudes.

  • Edward C.
    2 hours

    What is the life expectancy of a Bolivian?

  • Tom A.
    2 hours

    Erm, does it grow naturally in the US or Europe? Nope?? Shall we tax it or ban it???

  • Tore H.
    2 hours

    Having travelled in that region for almost 2 years, i can testify to the usefullness of the coca leaf. On high altitude treks, they were like a gift from above.

  • Lukas R.
    2 hours

    la medecina 👌

  • Aaron E.
    2 hours

    That dude in the beginning of the video looks totally jacked up on coke.

  • Ali A.
    3 hours

    The same plant other name is "Khat" and is also chewed in Yemen.

  • Paula A.
    3 hours

    It's like coffee, guys

  • Ramil L.
    3 hours

    COCA-COLA? what does it mean?

  • Paul S.
    3 hours

    😅not a single person can tell me they aren't eating such ridiculous amounts to get the same rush a coke gives you....every single one of them are hoovering them down as fast as they can so they can get the next one.....and its a stimulate, so it activates the sympathetic nerve system which will dilate airways and blood vessels and make people 'feel better'

  • Diana D.
    3 hours

    Could just the refining of coca leaves be banned? I'm assuming that, since cocaine is a powder, it's the refining process of the leaves that turn it into cocaine. Same way we turn wheat into flower and sugar cane into sugar (both of which can also be highly addictive, they just kill you slower).

  • Fanny C.
    3 hours

    yum yum !

  • Nick K.
    3 hours

    Did the cartels pay off brut nature?

  • Chad S.
    3 hours

    In America you can't legally even import coca leaves, fucking retarded

  • Chad S.
    4 hours

    Cant ban nature....

  • Michael B.
    07/10/2019 04:27

    I want to try some coca leaves

  • Howard B.
    07/09/2019 07:55

    If Americans would stop using it and selling it all day long production would basically cease...it is very telling that cocaine use by country shows western countries as the primary offenders...I expected cocaine use to be highest in South America...but no.

  • Pokharel K.
    07/05/2019 17:16

    How does the plant look like. If it's drug only American

  • Juan M.
    07/01/2019 16:30

    Enterarse, conocer, leer, entender, crecer...Saber