• Lisa H.
    6 days

    My declawed cat and I live in harmony. She's 16 years old and still going strong. I also have a cat not declawed and worry about the damage she's caused.

  • Lovisa L.
    06/26/2020 16:38

    If you do not like cats close relationchip with the wild do not get a cat. They are terrible predators but great characters.

  • Cheryl F.
    06/25/2020 22:40

    How bloody cruel 👎🇦🇺😡

  • Luan D.
    06/08/2020 01:27

    It is banned in Australia. It is actually amputation; declawing is a misleading description.

  • Dave H.
    06/05/2020 04:48

    A cat with claws are fun. Yeah they scratch the hell out of you but it's not that bad

  • Sierra H.
    06/05/2020 03:24

    I already know I told you but here’s more on it

  • Sierra H.
    06/05/2020 03:24

    I already know I told you but here’s more on it

  • Gulden L.
    05/27/2020 15:34


  • Carmen S.
    05/25/2020 09:27


  • Cameron H.
    05/09/2020 03:56

    How would humans feel if they had their nails removed?

  • Xene E.
    05/07/2020 23:43

    Oh damn, never had a cat so never knew that was the process.

  • Maggie C.
    05/07/2020 17:31

    Horrific Ihad no idea what was really involved.

  • Smita P.
    05/02/2020 17:24

    Why do you want to keep pets when you just want to torture them. These type of people don't deseve pets. And doctors who perform this are extremely stupid.

  • شاهر ه.
    04/30/2020 14:17

    when someone came to your house & got scratches on their face then you know what are the consequences

  • Tony S.
    04/30/2020 02:08

    After we agree to stop doing this we should also put an end to human circumcision

  • Billy J.
    04/29/2020 23:16

    I’ve never even seen a cat like this ever!? Who the fuck would do this? Doesn’t deserve a cat that’s disgusting.

  • Jasmin M.
    04/29/2020 17:11

    Declawing should not have been allowed the first place AT ALL!!!

  • Ceejay L.
    04/29/2020 07:09


  • Can S.
    04/28/2020 19:37

    Meanwhile most people neuter their cats.

  • Khakan B.
    04/28/2020 19:10

    this is horrible 😰