Denmark is buying the country's last remaining circus elephants

Over $1 million. That's how much Denmark is spending to buy and retire its last 4 circus elephants.

05/09/2019 7:02 AMupdated: 09/04/2019 3:13 PM


  • Angel D.
    04/09/2020 13:47

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  • Sarah I.
    10/08/2019 17:25

    Wonderful news their free xxxx

  • Paula B.
    10/08/2019 00:15

    While this is a good gesture, my wish for these magnificent elephants would be to go to a sanctuary where they can roam in a family group, feel grass under their feet, roll in dirt, play in water and just be elephants!! None of these natural behaviors will be allowed at a zoo!! Please, those in the Danish government, consider a sanctuary as an option instead of a zoo!!! Please!!

  • Sunkumari T.
    09/30/2019 07:44


  • Dennis F.
    09/29/2019 06:40

    Thank you Denmark, all countries should follow your lead and stop cruelty to animals not only elephants. People stop patronizing the elephant tours in Asia. Enjoy the scenery while strolling, you will do good for your health and for the good of those elephants who were battered to submission at a very young age to cater to your wants. Do your share to care for the wild, let's make it happen.

  • Zaw Z.
    09/29/2019 06:18


  • ဦ း.
    09/29/2019 04:04


  • Ingrid W.
    09/29/2019 01:28

    In Costa Rica animals have been forbidden circus for many years

  • Miro M.
    09/28/2019 21:34

    Bravo za ovo.

  • Pablo P.
    09/28/2019 19:52

    Bien , los animales tienen derecho a compartir con nosotros el esplendor de la tierra .

  • BJ M.
    09/28/2019 16:33

    The government has to BUY them?! Oh but when it comes to guns in america they plan on just taking them away huh. How about yall use that 1.6 million to stop the amazon fires or to do something to help stop or delay the whole global warming instead of buying out some fucking elephants if you can just take them out with the power of the law, right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Daniella d.
    09/28/2019 14:50

    Thanks Denmark

  • Tatá M.
    09/27/2019 16:27

    Q bueno q le den su libertad, ellos no merecen estar encerrados, es la maldad mas grande q existe, q alegria me da oir esto

  • Vicky K.
    09/27/2019 13:54

    Instead of a zoo, why not return them to Africa--a non hunting game park would be a great way to spend their remaining years.

  • Raboanari S.
    09/27/2019 12:03

    Let Elephants free forever.their place is in forest and savane.

  • Mia D.
    09/27/2019 04:12


  • Luciana L.
    09/26/2019 22:52

    Todavía hay elegantes en el circo ?

  • Birajini S.
    09/26/2019 17:58


  • Felician M.
    09/26/2019 15:38


  • Poxwa P.
    09/25/2019 23:29

    I hate circus. Shit.. we are human not animal.