• Alan G.
    3 days

    Trump takes credit for everything. Responsibility for nothing he is no leader.

  • Maxine M.
    10/07/2021 16:10

    He secretly received inoculation early in the year.

  • Zack G.
    10/07/2021 02:01


  • Kathy M.
    10/06/2021 04:17

    Social distance? There is not now nor will there ever be a SAFE distance l could maintain from the creepy liar who would be king...

  • Robbie G.
    10/03/2021 00:25

    What a moron

  • Dave L.
    09/30/2021 11:17

    Trump was a real president. This guy now is a joke and is selling you fools off. How do you not see this. Open your eyes

  • Kenan S.
    09/30/2021 00:27

    Like him or hate him, he is the man

  • Marcus H.
    09/28/2021 18:44

    Dude pathetic

  • Daniel S.
    09/28/2021 02:21

    Not any worse than

  • Ren D.
    09/27/2021 12:11

    My three year old has a larger vocabulary lol

  • Leon S.
    09/27/2021 00:48

    The liberal media should go check out the grocery stores and the big box stores! Meanwhile, they were trying to shut down churches and synagogues.

  • Leon S.
    09/27/2021 00:46

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling, said a conservative never!

  • Kathy R.
    09/26/2021 03:59

    I think Trump is saying all this stuff for a reason. People just don't get it.

  • Thomasina G.
    09/25/2021 15:47

    D.T. did such a Great job at being delusional 👍👍. That is 100% of what denial looked like during the pandemic 😷 at its best while it was spreading like wildfire across the US in 2020 & killing over 500,000+US citizens under Trump watch.

  • Ann G.
    09/25/2021 01:40


  • Thomas A.
    09/24/2021 15:48

    Why do he hold his head side way's like he be putting on this act like he's so intelligence, but you know like Ido it's all what's his favorite word fake, that's the word Fake.

  • Manuel A.
    09/24/2021 13:23

    What a Bozo.💩💩😵😫

  • Richard L.
    09/23/2021 20:59

    What a buffoon

  • Sue L.
    09/23/2021 13:07

    Man he's such an idiot. I'd love to meet him and cough in his stupid orange face

  • Carole M.
    09/08/2021 08:09

    Disgusting FAT PIG 🐖

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