• Twig W.
    06/05/2021 00:34

    Sucks!!!!dt cares ...about don!!! Only$$$$

  • Jeanette L.
    12/14/2020 15:04

    ?? what point are you trying to make here?

  • Brian W.
    12/02/2020 15:15

    Y’all have consumed the Kool-Aid! 👎

  • Rhona C.
    11/12/2020 06:59

    This man is a ivory tower in itself..out of paris 1st warning..130 of our beautiful EPA standards ~ gone.. He hired an opposition leader in this EPA fight. Secretly on their own time...many scientists, I mean hundreds in the basement, bloged their secret articles from him...and backup up...where FBI and Trump will never find...hunting imbalance prairie and forests...OPEC countries exploited animals the worst...brought on Covid-19

  • Ann M.
    11/07/2020 07:32

    prego 🙂

  • Jeanette L.
    11/06/2020 23:05

    He's only capable of quantifying anything in dollar signs. He spews out lies as if they're facts and believes his own BS. And that unfortunately makes him seem credible to a certain section of the the electorate. What he is good at is stirring people up. Like him, they don't bother to check the facts. Like him, they perhaps believe what they want to believe.

  • Mohsen K.
    11/06/2020 04:03

    Trump 2020

  • Ash J.
    11/05/2020 23:55

    So the air quality due to fires. That’s not on the president. That’s in the states that’s having the issues w fires for not allowing logging and dead tree removal. Like California. Allowing hunting on land that we couldn’t before can be good for conservation for animals that might have to big of a population for those areas. I do not agree with taking wolves off the endangered animals list a population of 6,000 seems small. And might feel better about if it was dbled the green deal was a disaster and held the USA financially acceptable for the world until 2030 or something. ( I can’t remember the yr) but the 2 biggest countries that create pollution were not being asked to make changes for another 10+ yrs Also all it did was make companies pay for there pollution making the rich richer

  • Vincent V.
    11/05/2020 22:28

    I am not sure if anyone has ever commented on this. But Trump doesn't actually speak to anyone.. He barks at everyone.. even when he tries to tone down, he still barks.. is this onset dementia?

  • AL L.
    11/05/2020 22:13

    He doesn’t even know the word environment 🙄

  • Gulden L.
    11/05/2020 21:54


  • Gulden L.
    11/05/2020 21:53


  • Daniel M.
    11/05/2020 20:33

    What a stupid ficking question.

  • Mikka O.
    11/05/2020 19:52

    Okay so it raised 3.2%, what was it during 2016, 2017 while we were in the Paris agreement? It did fall 2.6%, is that still not a good thing? Has anyone looked into why he thought the Paris agreement was bad? I mean, are we looking into China's environmental record? Why are we focused on the 2nd largest emitter and not the first and 3rd just as much? Is no one angry that Obama still opened up as much public land to oil? So are they going to talk more about the freeze in Florida? Is that good, bad? He budgeted 300 million, so does he specifically have control about everything? Hes not an engineer. He put the money there, why did it not produce clean water? I would ask those on the project below him. Wait so they included forest fires in air pollution? What kind of straws are you guys grasping at? If YOU know climate change is here, it was caused long before Trump and it's going to be here long after Trump. Forest fires haven't been caused because Trump made it dry in those years like he can control the climate, SCIENCE PEOPLE. The climate has been changing since before Al gore, and Trump is literally just going through hot phases of it, he cant make it cool just in the few years he is. Are you guys serious? Why do you make it seem so bad that he put money towards wildlands and wildlife? That legal limits were out of his control, against him for him to implement these things which Obama could have done something about. The Protected species act was here long before Trump, so why make it seem like the grey wolf is a bad thing? Wouldn't it be great that their population is now sustainable on its own? :I Dude.. everyone is so hateful for this guy, like no one just sees him as this person. No one even challenges that maybe some of the things obama implemented was just not that conductive or actually reachable? Does no one tell themselves that maybe they cant read 5 textbooks in a day? That maybe it takes 5 days instead?

  • Kevin O.
    11/05/2020 18:42

    The Green New will destroy the environment not help it! Under Trump CO2 has decreased faster than most other countries. Going electric all electric is a bad idea!

  • William B.
    11/05/2020 16:10

    History showed us before science the climate was changing long before man and woman ever touched it.

  • Eva H.
    11/05/2020 15:25


  • Oda K.
    11/05/2020 14:46


  • Rico F.
    11/05/2020 14:34

    He is real monster. He's evil

  • KJ J.
    11/05/2020 14:22

    I am now convinced Brut Nature is run by leftist libetard clowns and the followers are nothing different.

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