• Brian C.
    06/25/2019 06:50

    they will sell the wildlife for the conservation of wildlife. oohhh the irony is rich

  • Edward C.
    06/25/2019 06:51

    Wouldn't it cost less to gring them water?

  • Gatlin H.
    06/25/2019 06:55

    save the giraffes!!!

  • Loren M.
    06/25/2019 06:57

    Can’t spell drought without ugh

  • Zander M.
    06/25/2019 07:07

    I dont have money to buy , but a plea to somebody to give something for this animals.

  • David G.
    06/25/2019 07:12

    Will it be a number of people next time?.......to save the rest?

  • John M.
    06/25/2019 07:15


  • H B.
    06/25/2019 07:28

    Jeff Fuckzoss, tesla dickhead, whoever spend their millions for BULLSHIT, they can do something for the planet! Just a little more than a million dollars, all they need is that for those parks.... That is microscopic money for such people! They even gave 10ox more for his ex-wife !

  • Gretchen T.
    06/25/2019 07:38

    .... Or sell more cattle to lessen competition for water reserves? 🤔

  • Carol H.
    06/25/2019 07:55

    Hope it works,but depends where they go.

  • John C.
    06/25/2019 08:14

    In mirpur zoo in bangladesh, we simulate these natural droughts.

  • Tiny d.
    06/25/2019 09:19

    Sell them, to safe them, uhm serious? 🤨

  • Narayan G.
    06/25/2019 09:59

    The rapid human encroachment and so is the impact and the most threatening is prolonged drought

  • Narayan G.
    06/25/2019 10:00

    And these are the victims pushed from their habitats.

  • Jon B.
    06/25/2019 11:13

    Maybe they should look at the impact the cattle are having before they remove the wildlife.

  • Marilyne C.
    06/25/2019 11:33

    ... but this animals DO NOT belong to us !

  • RoGer S.
    06/25/2019 11:51

    Africans cannot be trusted to manage themselves, their administrations or their environment in this modern world. Rapid human population growth on the continent, coupled with deforestation, desertification and the systemic corruption, maladministration and nepotism in all sub-Saharan Governments, gives wildlife very little chance.

  • Nguyễn V.
    06/25/2019 12:03

    I think the animals should have their freedom too!!! It's just like "If you stay here you will die so we have to sell you" said by government to the animals 🙂🙂🙂 how friendly they are

  • Jim D.
    06/25/2019 12:14

    Why don't you print all the facts brut.nature . ? Namibia post states they are being auctioned to game farms.. .

  • Analisa L.
    06/25/2019 12:16

    This is incredibly sad —- I am sure many of us would gladly donate towards a solution that could keep these wild animals in their environment - free . My fear is that they’ll end up in theme parks , zoo’s or even worst yet - hunting ranches .