Europe's last primeval forest destroyed because of insects

Europe's last primeval forest, a UNESCO world heritage site, is being destroyed by the Polish governement because of an "insect invasion".

08/28/2017 2:31 PM
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  • The V.
    08/28/2017 19:25

    What a shame.... :( Nature and biodiversity are precious

  • Bee C.
    08/28/2017 19:35

    So not true, media made it to be criminal offence and r hiring those ecological activist paying them daily big money. The unfortunate truth is that there is the insect that is destroying thousands of trees and if left to be it willl destroy the whole forest which would be even more catastrophic. As sad it is to cut all those trees it has to be done just a shame that the media have more power than anyone and rule the world making people believe everything they see on TV.

  • Marlena B.
    08/28/2017 20:23

    I think it's sad how easy it is to make a big fake story by journalists these days. I'm sure they wouldn't be cutting down those trees if they didn't have to do it. I also believe there must be an insect invasion in that forest and it's sad it is happening there. For all those people who don't know about it .. it's the only place in Poland where there is a specific type of grass growing which is used to produce Bison Grass Vodka (Zubrowka) which is being sold all over the World. It's Polish heritage so please don't judge until you've got hard evidence of any wrongdoing.

  • Ryan Y.
    08/28/2017 20:56

    Get over it. Pests are transported by humans all the time. Want to fix it? You can't. It's called global industry.

  • Lefteris C.
    08/28/2017 21:41

    come on man what you doooooin now?

  • Oscar V.
    08/28/2017 22:04


  • Ashley S.
    08/28/2017 22:29


  • Georgia E.
    08/28/2017 22:36


  • Justin R.
    08/29/2017 00:13

    They just logging it for profit under the guise of killing a bug

  • Eron A.
    08/29/2017 00:18

    That is pure lies you idiot

  • Nicklas J.
    08/29/2017 01:01

    is this was you were talking about when we were in sweden?

  • Kai H.
    08/29/2017 02:51

    Lying Polish scum

  • Kevin A.
    08/29/2017 03:32

    Lying polish fucking twat.

  • Aaron H.
    08/29/2017 03:35

    😭 they are turning out to be like Americans who care less about the forest and life. I thought Poland knew better.

  • Hattie S.
    08/29/2017 04:03


  • Holly W.
    08/29/2017 05:45

    What is the insect?? Where is the rest of the story. I honestly don't know, this report has more holes than swiss cheese.

  • Peter P.
    08/29/2017 08:04

    Brut nature, you leftie cu*ts...

  • Twm C.
    08/29/2017 08:37

    Or Induced More Ways Of Getting Birds In The Area And Over Animals They Did With Yellow Stone Park With Wolf's BeCause The Dear Were Eating EveryThink

  • Bob J.
    08/29/2017 09:55

    there must be a better natural way.

  • Todd B.
    08/29/2017 13:18