• Mark C.
    10/27/2019 17:48

    We all die you gimp!

  • John C.
    11/22/2018 16:17

    Seen all this before Greenham Common the Great Unwashed DHSS aka Divorced Hurt Single & Separated

  • Richard P.
    11/22/2018 16:09

    So you block bridges bring the capital traffic to a haunt Increase emissions as traffic is now snarled up, cost people their wages through not being able to get to work or not being able to complete their work.... Well done there people fantastic

  • Iara L.
    11/22/2018 15:53

    aquele símbolo que vimos quando pegamos o bus e ficamos horas paradas! E também vimos em Amsterdã! :)

  • John C.
    11/22/2018 15:22

    Hope it rains looks like they could do with a wash

  • Marwan S.
    11/22/2018 14:40

    Reduce global warming by reducing the pollution is reasonable and maybe possible. Stopping the climate change on the other hand is impossible.

  • Marwan S.
    11/22/2018 14:36

    If we don’t anything now..I was actually on my way to do something about it but my way has bridges that was blocked by your protesting 😂😂

  • Lee S.
    11/22/2018 12:39

    The great un washed

  • Sam M.
    11/22/2018 02:55

    and to think we gatecrashed this

  • Gary R.
    11/21/2018 20:30

    If Humans became extinct the world would be a better place.You cannot control climate change its always been here

  • Jazzy M.
    11/21/2018 16:50

    I got stuck in traffic for almost an hour on the way home today and this is why!!!

  • Connor P.
    11/21/2018 12:37

    So 5,040 species a year die there’s only 8.7 million known species, according to experts 80% of species are still unknown so when did we start to lose species 2000? 2001? If your going to blast out so called facts make sure they can be mathematically proven, you are fighting something that can never be stopped all cars all long distance cargo all planes you would have to go to war with China to make any tiny impact on population ban plastic ban nappies ban baby wipes so basically once are entirely way of life is changed and millions of people die as result then the world will be just brilliant

  • Joanne H.
    11/21/2018 11:29

    You just fucked up the day for thousands of people pricks

  • Kenny N.
    11/20/2018 21:46

    A council of citizens lol what like a government and its elected members voted by the people. you need to get people on your side and vote like you. Not block the roads when we are trying to work and run out lives moron hahah get to fuck

  • Matt W.
    11/20/2018 21:15

    Yet most that were arrested were spitting and chucking drinks at innocent members of the public and police... Whilst most are there for peace, You allow idiots like that to ruin it,

  • Martyn J.
    11/20/2018 20:38

    They have as much clout as a polystyrene hammer.

  • David C.
    11/20/2018 20:37

    Listen to their guy on LBC this morning. Absolutely clueless.

  • Florence H.
    11/20/2018 11:28

    holy cow

  • Dean C.
    11/20/2018 10:35

    That's funny look how many have got phones all that radiation lol...

  • Luke W.
    11/20/2018 04:31

    All jobless scum

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