• Bradley K.
    11/26/2018 02:07

    He all says it flashing a grin

  • Gail B.
    11/22/2018 00:00

    You believed the lie

  • Cody S.
    11/20/2018 17:44

    Okay stop buying iPhones then hippys

  • Oscar H.
    11/20/2018 15:44

    Democratise drone strikes. They're paid for with public funds, we should be able to decide how they're used..

  • Mar O.
    11/20/2018 13:36

    How ignorant are some comments... please google some scientifical facts... it's not that difficult nor demands so much iq. How can anybody can go against these people efforts of an eye opening mission to preserve the planet, other species and our own?! Of course we need movilizations and citizens action! This is not fatalism people, f* wake up!

  • Steven A.
    11/20/2018 08:53

    Lol Why protest when you can actually do something about? Sometimes. . . small steps go a very long way.

  • Ben A.
    11/20/2018 05:48

    Stop petrol use. Go for solar and hydropowered engine! The reason why petrol use is still rampant is just because of the huge amount of tax that the government gets from the consumers.

  • Dale B.
    11/20/2018 02:29

    In the mean time how much garbage , fecal matter , urine , crime and property damage have these hypocrites caused.

  • David M.
    11/20/2018 02:14

    Delusional beyond belief!

  • Rubin A.
    11/19/2018 23:52


  • Jonas A.
    11/19/2018 23:34

    Remove everything that was made with oil.

  • James S.
    11/19/2018 23:10

    Beware the coming b of the sunspots..oh sorry NASA just announced fewer sunspots this year. Better double up on those sock hats! :)

  • Jay T.
    11/19/2018 22:49

    All I just read was that 6,000 people showed up for a cause and only 500 of them are down for it.

  • Daiane S.
    11/19/2018 22:00

    To save our biodiversity. We need to reduce our population and reduce our consumption.

  • Carlos G.
    11/19/2018 21:53

    How about going out and cleaning the environment yourself Go down to the ocean in mass, clean up debris Plant trees Better than blocking bridges chanting slogans for a day and making a hashtag

  • Pascale S.
    11/19/2018 21:11

    You're beautiful

  • Jason A.
    11/19/2018 20:09

    How the fuck you gonna go "we are on our way to extinction, but there's 7.5 billion humans.... Google that, it's a fact.... Ignorant

  • Jānis S.
    11/19/2018 18:51

    Would better protested against plastic stuff that polluting our planet...