• Alexandra B.
    06/16/2018 06:43

    No reason why India shouldnt go renewable.

  • Ali H.
    06/15/2018 21:44

    some more cheer and less doom and gloom - balancing things out for you

  • Aneta P.
    06/15/2018 11:34

    Jaki wstyd za nasz kraj 😒

  • Laura W.
    06/13/2018 16:05

    Just need to concentrate on the rain forests now and the palm oil

  • Thuc T.
    06/09/2018 05:33

    Yet! here in the US we want to go back to coal mining. Thank you Trump administrations.

  • Emma C.
    06/06/2018 21:46

    Yesssss!!!! We will get there!

  • Mahima D.
    05/08/2018 10:42

  • Giovani H.
    05/08/2018 03:47

    Andrea Soria-Galvarro

  • Deb C.
    05/07/2018 08:11

    Beautiful! Humanity, as a whole is creative, active and compassionate. Special cheers for Congo. It wouldn't have been easy. Newzealand is a lead nation bettering upon it's own laudible past. The only grief is Gaza remains in Gaza. Still we cheer our worthy brethren in hope and delight!!