Genetically modified mosquitoes released in Florida

750 million genetically modified mosquitoes have been released in Florida ... to combat their disease-spreading cousins already there.

08/29/2020 4:21 PM


  • Andrew K.
    04/11/2021 20:54

    Male Aedes aegypti are super spreaders of mosquito-borne diseases. For example, a male can mate with a female infected with Zika and acquire Zika through venereal transmission. That male can then mate 6 times per day with 6 different females every day of its life spreading Zika. In comparison, a female only mates once or twice in its life. Releasing nearly a billion male Aedes aegypti is incredibly dangerous and stupid. It is Darwin award stupid. Plus it failed in other countries.

  • Monday Lee
    08/30/2020 23:41

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