• Praseen M.
    08/31/2019 02:05

    Natives must hunt animals because of they may do not have access to adequate healthcare and medicines

  • Joe M.
    08/30/2019 16:38

    I see Mainstream News are trying Very hard tae let the Real issues o the World drop away, They people Won't drop this without Real Action, without Drastic Measures been Taken and Changes made. I also see Many people making comments like :- "We can grow more Trees" or "We Still have the Oceans" or "It's fine the Earth will Heal it's self!". Well it's nae quite that simple. What Will Happen? We Will Leave Only :- Poisoned Air, A Toxic Food Source and Rancid Waters. With All The Destruction Round The Globe in this Last Month Alone, This Will Really Start tae Show Within Only a Couple o Years. This isn’t only about Oxygen, It is about the huge loss o Bio Diversity. There will be species o Animals never known, Marine Life never discovered, species o plants lost never tae grow back, species o fungi never known, species o insects never known, Millions o Ancient Trees Dead! Just gone. Nae tae mention the unfound Cures never tae be discovered, Indigenous people wiped out. This is Truly Devastating We will never comprehend just how much bio diversity has been lost. Also we have this fight tae contend wi TRUMPET Wants tae Destroy Much More. He Must be STOPPED! Before this Rape Goes Ahead! President Trump wants to allow logging and mining in the world’s largest temperate rainforest, removing restrictions that have protected the region for 20 years. He has told his agriculture secretary to lift restrictions shielding the Tongass National Forest in Alaska that were established under President Clinton. The move, reported by The Washington Post, is part of his effort to unleash a “golden era of American energy”. ’s too much fir this planet tae bare on top o the Destruction o War that’s happening now across our globe! And the fact that FUKASHIMA is still melting down and is still leaking up tae 300 tons oradioactive material intae the Pacific every week, 8 years later the Pacific is dying, we see proof o this every day on the news when Pods o Whales and much more Marien Life wash up Dead on the shores all over the world. And Now the Brazilian President is Debating whether or not tae Let Trophy Hunters in! Yi Know! So the Animals that do Survive This WillBe Shotas they Flee the Fires, . All My Hope fir our Planet drained away on Wednesday 21st Aug. when I found information on the Fires being set in the Amazon, then found so much more devastation the deeper I looked! Canary Islands are burning, California is burning, Oregon is burning, Washington is burning, Columbia is burning, Alberta is burning, Montana is burning, Nova Scotia is burning, Greece is being set a blaze by Immigrants, Africa is burning, Australia is burning, Brazil is burning, Portugal is burning, Algeria is burning, Alaska is burning and in tremendous danger o yet more destruction by Trump, Siberia is burning, And Not All of these are Natural occurrences! And the Genocide o these Tribes. I just can’t see how Nature can keep fighting us at this rate. It’s too much fir this planet tae bare on top o the Devastation being caused by War also Raging round the globe! The fault is Our Ruling Elite! And their sense o entitlement tae Everything. The Education that the likes o “Eton” And “Cambridge” And their equivalents abroad are giving Must Chang! The Rancid Filth these Institutions spit out intae the world “every year” has Succeeded in Destroying Our Planet! We have had the solutions fir years and they refused tae change, Scientists have been warning them fir years and Still they refused tae change. Then the people educated themselves and warned them and Still they refused tae change! Well I change my original statement o, “We alone are responsible” because this is a Lie. THE WORLD LEADERS AND ELITE ARE SOLELY TAE BLAM! AND OUTRAGEOUSLY DANGEROUS! My Grief is truly intense.

  • Darshan L.
    08/30/2019 16:06

    The only reason people want to save this animals is so that their childrens and grandchildrens can see them..how selfish...

  • Bhavya N.
    08/30/2019 10:39

    Yes eat every animal and finally when all animals become extinct then eat each other and die

  • Apurba K.
    08/30/2019 08:45

    Great information.

  • Danyal R.
    08/30/2019 08:39


  • Aditya S.
    08/30/2019 07:44

    Today or tomorrow they are going to extinct and we all know who is responsible

  • Vivek G.
    08/30/2019 07:31

    World should take care.... We should take initiative to save our world.... People please come forward to save world....if required please contact me if I personally can do something 🙏

  • Reshma B.
    08/30/2019 07:18

    Very worrying