Greenpeace wants companies to take their responsibility

Single-use plastic is polluting our environment. To reduce this waste at the source, Greenpeace is asking manufacturers to limit their use of packaging.

04/20/2018 10:24 AM


  • Jānis S.
    05/11/2018 09:35

    Organic tea packed in plastic bags 😂😂😂

  • KarenKalla A.
    05/10/2018 20:48

    Paper, bags and wrapping!

  • Lava M.
    05/10/2018 17:50

    everybody is focused on companies usin single packaging, but most of plastic is in hands of ...? .. farmaceutics, and their company, cleaning products..

  • Samantha P.
    05/10/2018 04:14

    Promote change through your purchases. Choose items without packaging, or with limited packaging. Bring your own containers/bags to fill. It’s not just up to the manufacturers. The consumers inevitably control what they put on the market. If we stop buying the overly packaged plastic covered products, they will change.

  • Akhmedova A.
    05/09/2018 18:32


  • Doris D.
    05/09/2018 18:17

    What is the best way to dispose of it?

  • Manuela B.
    05/09/2018 16:40

    Before manufacturers, must mentalize people about its use, make choices using their own sacs and reuse it, use recycled paper or their own tissue sacs. Mainly be conscient: deposit trash differentially. Put in recyclable points! If people is educated not to use it...manufactors don't have customers. BEGiN from the origin of problem!

  • Joyan A.
    04/30/2018 15:42

    Its confusing how its gonna be our planet our marine animals in the years to come how its gonna be solved the planet is all messed up its the human error

  • Doug M.
    04/26/2018 20:38

    Let's take a balanced approach to this problem, any barge used for dumping garbage should be sunk immediately.

  • Baz C.
    04/26/2018 20:06

    also, isn't it funny how the issue of single use plastic is more known now than ever, and that most people have seen videos like this, but yet stores are packaging products in SUP more now than ever? what gives?

  • Baz C.
    04/26/2018 20:03

    i worked at a grocery store for a while and my job was to cut fruits and place them in single use plastics for people who couldn't just cut their own fruits up. one pineapple goes from 2.99 to 6.99 once it's peeled. the grocery store was built on a filled in wetland that is part of a swamp, and the little wetland that was left was completely choked with plastics. I would clean it on my lunch break (which the other staff members didn't appreciate) and find tons of straws, styrofoam, and packaging that went directly from our store into a wetland.

  • Alison R.
    04/26/2018 19:38

    I must be getting old. We had reusable glass bottles when I was a kid that got sent away to be cleaned. We had a wicker basket for our shopping that we took to the shops each day. Veggies were weighed and the bags were used to carry our school lunches. We bought meat as and when it was needed and we bought the right weighed amounts from the butchers. I can’t say we did much recycling but then I guess we didn’t need to.

  • Walter S.
    04/26/2018 17:53

    Lol like I trust greanpeace after the Nazca incident

  • Carlos P.
    04/26/2018 15:37

    when u throw stuff out the window 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Steven H.
    04/26/2018 14:06

    Recycle and use as bricks for building in third world countries. (Because guess what... some are already doing it)

  • Eric M.
    04/26/2018 13:34

    Ugh.... greenpeace. As soon as you see anything with them on it, turn it off and walk away.

  • Andrea L.
    04/26/2018 13:22

    Oh boy do I have a idea but no one wants to listen do and make the effort to listen and understand so I don’t talk...

  • Tyler K.
    04/26/2018 13:14

    They didn’t show all these green peace fucks Starbucks cups all over the place tho, why not? 😂🙊

  • Lidia M.
    04/26/2018 07:56

    Bag of reusable material paper bag Glass bottle... just to want...

  • Stacey A.
    04/26/2018 06:23

    It's all so unnecessary

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