Gun Laws Around the United States

Gun laws vary drastically from state to state. See which ones make it easier — or harder — to buy a gun.

04/30/2019 8:18 AMupdated: 08/07/2020 9:11 AM


  • Benny M.
    07/31/2019 20:58

    Stop DUI deaths . . . Take cars away from the sober drivers.

  • Brandon R.
    07/31/2019 18:01

    Well that was a complete waste of my time.

  • Chris F.
    07/31/2019 16:00

    the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. What part of that confuses people?

  • Billy P.
    07/31/2019 15:44

    On that, I cant wait to get my silencers back in the next month or so to put on my short barreled rifles and AR rifles with high capacity magazines

  • Evan S.
    07/31/2019 15:10


  • Steven S.
    07/31/2019 14:35

    How about a map of states with the most strict gun control laws and the most violent states and cities overlaid on it too?

  • Ferdie C.
    07/31/2019 14:30

    Here in the Philippines in order for a citizen to buy a legal firearm he/she must obtain LTOPF (licence renewed every 2yrs) and they must register thier firearms (renewed every 4yrs). Our idiotic politicians said that our strict gun regulation will greatly lessen crimes. Funny thing is 99.9% of gun related crimes involves illegal firearms.

  • Don B.
    07/31/2019 12:16

    Courage is standing up for the constitution when your peers want to tread all over it. All gun laws are unconstitutional. Every politician that supports gun control should be tried for treason.

  • Richard R.
    07/31/2019 10:12

    Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.

  • Matt D.
    07/31/2019 03:53

    Needs to be less restrictions on guns.

  • Joe S.
    07/31/2019 01:31

    video is wrong about open carry in texas

  • Daniela G.
    07/30/2019 17:20

    ya sabes pa donde vamos a vivir😂

  • Carlos R.
    07/29/2019 19:42

    Did a research (I’m curious) on top US states in terms of high crime and the results will show this list (in that order): District of Columbia, Alaska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Nevada, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama y Arizona (and it continues). All these states have very controlling and restrictive guns controls but all also have the highest crime rates. Texas and FL are 17 and 21 respectively, but very much lower that these states requiring extensive background checks and other steps before owning a gun. Here are the links used on the research:

  • Marcos A.
    07/27/2019 00:19

    In Puerto Rico you need to buy two licence the first one cost $350 and the second one can cost over $700 plus the gun like $400 depends wich one you gonna buy

  • Elvin P.
    07/23/2019 02:13


  • Javier L.
    07/22/2019 19:10

    What part should Not be infringe” they don’t understand.

  • Luis E.
    07/22/2019 17:57

    All gun laws are illegal.

  • Orin E.
    07/22/2019 05:49

    Ms. Gifford sounds like shes trying to solve a mystery. Jinkies 🤣

  • James H.
    07/17/2019 22:54

    I love how 60% of the comments here are pro gun.

  • Jose A.
    07/15/2019 16:56

    Gun Control is stupid!

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