How to use masks in a more eco-friendly way

Face masks protect us, but they can also harm the environment depending on how we use them. These two researchers told us how to be more eco-friendly about it.

09/12/2020 11:06 AMupdated: 09/14/2020 10:30 AM


  • Lea D.
    10/25/2020 09:31

    Heel erg, dat mensen niet uit zich zelf begrijpen, dat een wegwerp masker, in de vuilbak hoort, niet ergens op straat of in de natuur.

  • Sebastian L.
    10/18/2020 15:35

    We shouldn't wear masks, survival of the fittest. We're too many anyway

  • Franco A.
    10/17/2020 20:40

    Ni protege ni ayuda al medio ambiente

  • Aileen S.
    10/17/2020 19:24

    Thanks for this important video and the info it contains.

  • John C.
    10/17/2020 08:59

    I've seen loads of used discarded face masks laying around the ground all over the place ..shocking like,

  • Ruben T.
    10/17/2020 07:04

    No my friend.this is for real.200000reasons why.

  • Nevin S.
    10/17/2020 06:48

    will not be over until the lying corrupted media says it is

  • David H.
    10/16/2020 19:35

    where i live in the middle of the English countryside i am now finding this shit dropped all the time .a big fuck you twat .for even dropping any shit let alone this bollicks . take it home ..

  • Terry L.
    10/16/2020 14:18

    Great post♥️

  • Ed S.
    10/16/2020 13:26


  • Alain C.
    10/16/2020 11:34

    Une couche de plus ...

  • Alain C.
    10/16/2020 11:32

    Déjà si c'était vrai que cela nous protégeait !