How U.S. presidents responded to civil unrest against police brutality

Like Donald Trump, other U.S. presidents faced protests and civil unrest against police brutality. This is how they responded.

06/08/2020 1:16 PM
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  • Charles K.
    2 days

    no mentio of Oscar Grant who was restrained face down when an LEO shot him point blank in the back! We had marches in Oakland that ended with police using military's tactics and turned it into riots!

  • Randy P.
    2 days

    This is not just about Rodney King in the 90s Natasha Harding had lost her life

  • Nam T.
    2 days

    Why must u slander Trump ?!! he is the only President who is really trying to make America great again !! shame on you!

  • Nyoman D.
    2 days


  • Safar S.
    2 days

    'Died in vain' he says. Seriously?

  • Wayne C.
    3 days

    Well I’m sure you could have picked many words spoken by many of those presidents to create your narrative.. absolute propaganda

  • Fabio K.
    3 days

    I have a solution for everybody Each one of us should have a child with a person from another ethnic group. That way one day we will all be shades of brown and that awful racism will disappear because we will all look the same. Think about it Young white ladies I’ll be very happy to help you with this issue 🤣❤️

  • Glen S.
    4 days

    Nothing has changed.

  • Allen D.
    4 days

    I did not share this yet stop putting a stop to my massages

  • Betty B.
    4 days

    All Presidents were talking loud but ain't saying nothing what a shame only in America,.

  • Scott W.
    4 days

    Police unions have to much power

  • Richard M.
    4 days

    This diversion is to allow NWO in ...Governments worldwide are setting the trap...they're being told what to do For the new Control For the new monetary system For less people...(yes murder).

  • Derric D.
    5 days

    This just shows it’s ongoing... no change.. same issues.. and we’re the problem???

  • Ashley E.
    5 days

    Obama supported it everyone wants to blame Trump for the racial division in this country but black lives matter started under Obama Obama started the police brutality and not the way y'all think the brutality on the police Obama belongs in prison and I cannot wait cuz that day is coming soon

  • Mary E.
    5 days

    Sorry for the chosen ones some of them don't make it

  • Nysha L.
    5 days

    NOTHING WILL CHANGE YOU CAN'T FIX A PROBLEM WHEN EVERYONE CAN'T EVEN AGREE THAT THINGS NEED TO BE FIXED [ HERE NO EVIL] SEE NO EVIL] SPEAK NO EVIL] looking the other way because it doesn't effect you definitely is helping anyone

  • Ottalie D.
    6 days

    I’m so proud to be from the 60’s and 70’s generation.

  • Tamela L.
    6 days

    We need jesus

  • E A.
    6 days

    Trump took the LBJ approach. His speech sounded good, but his actions spoke volumes louder. Tear gassing peaceful protesters to have a photo op with a bible in front of a church you don't attend.

  • Justin W.
    6 days

    Americans don't want freedom want they want is security.