• Siddardha A.
    09/28/2017 04:39

    What if we live like indians?

  • Tori V.
    09/25/2017 14:10


  • Karin F.
    09/20/2017 10:52

    It's all very flattering, but simply not true, at least accordings to the WWF and Globalis. If everyone lived like us Swedes we would need three Earths.

  • Laura P.
    09/19/2017 21:17

    så bäst vi är

  • Michelle O.
    09/19/2017 03:00

    once again Sweden is the beeeeest 😌🎉

  • Amanda L.
    09/19/2017 02:20

    Earth is a flat realm

  • Arriba S.
    09/18/2017 23:08

    I believe it was Sweden that outlawed extraordinary means for conception. So there's some attention to keeping the population manageable as well.

  • Alyosha P.
    09/18/2017 14:06

    Yes, I remember reading that to build American level of infrastructure in Africa we would need to use up all coal, oil and gas the planet has...

  • Trina D.
    09/18/2017 12:06

    All good things come out of Sweden... ABBA, Stephen Edburg...

  • Anand V.
    09/18/2017 04:28

    I assume you took into account the exports from each country when calculating their consumption of resources. I mean , Chinese steel is probably exported to a lot of countries , but will not reflect on their consumption of resources.

  • Caitlyn N.
    09/17/2017 21:47

    Sweden is Where its at bruh

  • Heitor S.
    09/17/2017 21:39


  • Randy E.
    09/17/2017 21:09

    Not every American is like that ? I love nature . I recycle. I put trash were it should belong. I wish we would stop polluting and save this planet

  • Charlene B.
    09/17/2017 20:43

    It would be great if all humans just died so that earth could restore what has and is being taken from her. Bye humans ✌🏾

  • Darwin G.
    09/17/2017 17:13

    Go sverige!!!

  • Shan K.
    09/17/2017 13:28

    After colonising and destroying the nature past 200 years , and named so called 3th country's as responsible and blaming for everything ...!! now at last the west love to care mother nature....

  • David C.
    09/17/2017 12:18

    🇸🇪️ yeah!

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