If you wanted to buy fur in these countries...

Massively produced, partially banned... What if I wanted to buy fur in one of these places around the world?

04/24/2019 11:01 AM


  • Taipan S.
    04/28/2019 00:43


  • Geoff K.
    04/25/2019 10:46

    oh come on...are you fur real!!!

  • Ârês G.
    04/25/2019 07:35

    And 𓂀f they keep doing it we👽🌍 will wear they ASS

  • Joey D.
    04/24/2019 22:58

    Shit post

  • Angela S.
    04/24/2019 17:50

    Must be banned in all the world

  • Catherine J.
    04/24/2019 16:24

    What is the point unless you're banning eating animals too.

  • Carol A.
    04/24/2019 16:11

    real fur is no longer needed

  • Astrid B.
    04/24/2019 16:05

    all the substitutes for natural fur are made with fossil fuels

  • June F.
    04/24/2019 15:25

    And burgers are not? Grow up. All or nothing.

  • Elaine W.
    04/24/2019 15:16

    What about fake fur? Can you attack a wearer ? Can you tell the difference? Are you protecting people as well?

  • Maureen M.
    04/24/2019 13:40

    Go to Alaska. You can buy one, no problem. By a gun so you can shoot the MFer who tries anything

  • Janne M.
    04/24/2019 12:37

    Fur or food, the laws should rather be about ensuring that animals are treated well for whatever purpose.

  • Lee F.
    04/24/2019 12:32

    No fur in San Francisco but it's ok for illegals to shit all over the streets

  • Ros M.
    04/24/2019 11:37


  • David A.
    04/24/2019 11:32

    why in the hell would someone in CA need a damn fur anyway???

  • Nathen P.
    04/24/2019 11:31

    What about killing animals for meat then using it's fur as a second purpose???

  • Brittany W.
    04/24/2019 11:31

    Fur farms are disgusting cruel places. I hope these places considered goose downs and angoras too.

  • Emilia A.
    04/24/2019 11:25


  • Aurora D.
    04/24/2019 11:20

    WTF ! You telling people where they can buy fur?! NO ANIMAL should suffer because of vanity. I'm disgusted with this post! Fur should be banned worldwide - no exception! We have other alternatives for warmth which is the only viable reason for wearing fur, not because some idiot wants a fox around their neck.