Illegal cat meat trade is thriving in Vietnam

1 million cats are killed for their meat every year in Vietnam. FOUR PAWS International and Change For Animals Foundation are sounding the alarm on this growing trade.

08/26/2020 3:33 PM


  • Tracey N.
    11 hours

    Asian people should stop breeding so much . If they practiced birth control they would not have to eat these poor cats.

  • Yahya K.
    11 hours

    Cruel people

  • Selvi J.
    12 hours

    Who is kill animal karma waiting for them.

  • Julianne N.
    12 hours

    To be honest, it's not only cat who's mistreated like that in vietname but also dogs. I have seen a documentary and found out that dogs and cats are considered as streetfood in Vietnam. There was no law in Vietnam that protects animal rights.

  • Paul T.
    12 hours

    It's sad, but explain me what the difference with a lamb or cow? No I'm not a veggie love meat. Its the way they been raised and killed that's disturbing

  • Javier B.
    13 hours

    Y aquí echamos los caracoles en agua hirviendo... Vivos!!!

  • Rudolf B.
    13 hours

    Drop some bombs over there! Please

  • ສຸລິເດດ ເ.
    13 hours

    So bad, these people are animals, not human

  • Mike L.
    13 hours

    My heart hurts 💔 😭

  • Helen D.
    13 hours


  • Vanessa L.
    14 hours

    Cat too

  • Manon B.
    14 hours

    Saloperies de vidanges de fêler

  • Frances S.
    15 hours

    They eat like this from the day they are born.. and what we can do is STOP EATING ASIAN FOOD even tho we arnt in an ASIAN country God only knows what thry are really feeding us.... or we too are countable for this cruelty

  • Hianna P.
    17 hours


  • Michael S.
    17 hours

    Why are these people let live,if they took my cat,i would kill them in cold blood and I would hand myself in,Eating cats,who ever hear about this 😕

  • Simon P.
    17 hours

    Verdammtes Dreckspack!!!! Schmort in der Hölle!!!! Die Katzen zu fressen ist noch eines aber wie ihr Bastarde sie tötet ist unter jeder sau! Hoffentlich erleidet ihr Wochenlange Schmerzen beim Sterben!!!!! Figt Euch!!!!!!

  • Claudia R.
    17 hours


  • Marie T.
    17 hours

    Inhuman 😡

  • Ally R.
    19 hours

    Dirty dirty disgusting people

  • Donald M.
    20 hours

    Ass holes the whole salers should be shot on the spot even the thieves

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