Indonesia's famous Pink Beach covered in rubbish

They took a photo of themselves lying on this beautiful pink beach in Indonesia. One year later, these instagrammers went back to the same spot. This is what they saw.

05/04/2019 6:26 AM


  • James H.
    07/28/2019 21:10

    Welcome to planet earth. The land where nothing is perfect or maintained without mankind. The grass also doesn’t cut itself.

  • Enni I.
    07/28/2019 07:13

    Oooowww My country... 😢😢😢😢

  • Fidel I.
    07/28/2019 05:53

    All this garbage travels from different places, the currents, wind, tides or swells can push them to the shore, yes Indonesia is responsabile for most of this garbage but also some come from far away, the idea of mass consumism in to development countries never was planned, they are doing the same like any western country did few years ago, but with a big population of 260 millons of people, can you imagine all this people consuming like an american? We are in a big trouble

  • Korey C.
    07/28/2019 03:30

    Oh the horror

  • Yettou H.
    07/27/2019 16:44

    Who can pay the price o go there ? Rich or poor ? Tell me who is responsable ? Poor or rich people?

  • Marcellin E.
    07/27/2019 16:36

    Very problem for water

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