Indonesia's famous Pink Beach covered in rubbish

They took a photo of themselves lying on this beautiful pink beach in Indonesia. One year later, these instagrammers went back to the same spot. This is what they saw.

05/04/2019 6:26 AM
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  • Margaretha S.
    05/04/2019 06:45

    Im Indonesian..and this really happen in many regions here..almost everything you buy from big company comes with plastic.paid plastic shopping bag regulation is ineffective.

  • Susan O.
    05/04/2019 06:57

    Well, did they pick up any of that trash on the beach?

  • Charles S.
    05/04/2019 07:00

    Rehabilitation is needed. Close the beach for a while and clean up. No to foreign tourist😑😑😑😑

  • Gurney F.
    05/04/2019 07:20

    Tagging of pristine places as well makes it vulnerable for uncaring tourist and opportunistic enterprising individuals.

  • Khairul E.
    05/04/2019 07:24

    lo sempet kesini kan dek?

  • Sumita R.
    05/04/2019 07:35

    It happens everywhere,be it pink beach or not, be it Indonesia or other place, for some careless visitors!

  • Stephany M.
    05/04/2019 09:34

    How sickeningly awful....😥

  • Andrea R.
    05/04/2019 10:06

    Sue Coca Cola, Nestle, Pepsico, Unilever ... they are largest producers of plastic in the world, they have millions of dollars, they can change the packaging to something totally ecological, but they don't want to and will not stop producing it.

  • Lisa S.
    05/04/2019 10:29

    So they probably went by airplane there while consuming fast fashion along the way. This is not an attack on these particular people, it’s a good thing they documented when they easily could have not. Just, this is a much bigger problem than having less plastic on a beach. Don’t just make individual changes like stop buying plastic wrapped fruit, also write the company asking why they use plastic wrap. We can make change happen.

  • Erik N.
    05/04/2019 11:59

    Indonesians are one of the groups of people that care the least about their beautiful and fragile environment

  • Jay H.
    05/04/2019 12:04

    I switched off once i heard "these two instagrammers"

  • Fawnie G.
    05/04/2019 12:20

    Chemical sunscreens in the water also contributes to coral bleaching

  • José G.
    05/04/2019 12:22

    Not that we should stop focusing on reducing our plastic consumption, but to overcome this problem we should focus on pressuring the countries that still don't have a well functioning trash collection and disposal system to have one. Most of the plastic that ends up on the sea comes mostly from Asia and Africa.

  • Elyse D.
    05/04/2019 12:54

    NJ has had medical waste show up on it's beaches for decades

  • Laurie F.
    05/04/2019 13:11

    Speak with the local islanders

  • Lee J.
    05/04/2019 14:05

    I try bringing important issues to the attention of my social media contacts, to deaf ears. The biggest part of the population doesn't give a rat's ass, so goddam worried that people might not like them. Burns my ass to no end.

  • Christy L.
    05/04/2019 14:46

    Do they feel at all responsible for causing an increase in tourism and littering on that beach? I thought this video was going to show them taking responsibility for their irresponsible lifestyle and the effect it has on the planet, but NOPE!

  • けい ツ.
    05/04/2019 14:55

    I also experienced this!😢😭😓

  • Natassha A.
    05/04/2019 19:08

    But what do they do to actually help beside hashtagging tho

  • Lucie J.
    05/04/2019 20:10

    There is a solution: stop hunting for the great selfies and compete with each other who is going to post an “incredible” shot on social media. I dont have any social media profile except Fb. Who needs an Insta...what???