• Rab O.
    07/01/2019 14:49

    Ben Armstrong 🤔

  • Matthew M.
    07/01/2019 07:24

    Give me a break. You can say the same thing about any event on earth. Get a life!

  • Jim M.
    07/01/2019 00:30

    One side. Anyone else have other data?

  • Judy H.
    06/30/2019 23:32

    Environmentalists? You gotta be kidding.. And what about the wildlife that is displaced or destroyed? Environmentalists?

  • Alice L.
    06/30/2019 18:56

    Own goal then.

  • Tory K.
    06/30/2019 16:23

    Matt Kynd

  • Emily F.
    06/30/2019 13:51

    Something wicked comes this way....

  • Chris A.
    06/30/2019 13:49

    While we are at it, let's talk about the waste of the film industry... or the military... or car racing... international shipping... offshore drilling... Humans can't do anything right, this is why we are in this mess in the first place. Every good idea becomes bad due to scale. 7 billion times anything is a big problem.

  • George D.
    06/30/2019 13:10

    This is absurd.

  • Michael T.
    06/30/2019 11:25

    Its just a bunch of idiots looking to get laid while playing enviromentally aware . It is just self indulgence

  • Mani K.
    06/30/2019 09:23

    Bombing for peace

  • Janine C.
    06/30/2019 08:36


  • Natalie P.
    06/30/2019 08:30

    I saw plastic bottles, plastic glowsticks, fireworks. So much pointless trash

  • Luca L.
    06/30/2019 08:28

    But transportation, trash and carbon footprint are a problem of every festival or mass gathering of any kind. I am a very strict environmentalist but let's not exaggerate. Let' s focus on fighting big oil companies instead of wasting time fighting each other over such small things. Festivals are fun and we need fun to survive in this insane world. Please reconsider your position

  • Eh M.
    06/30/2019 07:37


  • Mario D.
    06/30/2019 07:24

    Wah, wah, wah. They're peaceful and clean up after themselves. How's that going in your city? And all those vehicles would be going somewhere else if not for there, but in this case they stay parked for 5 days, skewing your data. What are the total emissions if they're used elsewhere every one of those days?

  • Dorota B.
    06/30/2019 06:56

    finally festival for you😊😊

  • Kevin O.
    06/30/2019 06:56

    Damn Dirty Hippies and Hipsters