Jair Bolsonaro's views on the environment are troubling to environmental activists

He is threatening to withdraw Brazil from the Paris Agreement and wants to abolish the Ministry of the Environment. This is Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro.

10/21/2018 2:23 PMupdated: 06/19/2019 8:12 AM


  • Paulo S.
    10/21/2018 14:41


  • Shingen T.
    10/21/2018 14:48

    another one. 😡

  • Josué B.
    10/21/2018 14:49

    Not that Haddad can guarantee safety of the Amazon, take a look at Venezuela where the corruption and inefficient government let illegal groups to mine ecological treasures protected by the UNESCO without any consequences... A inept and corrupt government is even more dangerous, and Haddad is aligned with Maduro's socialist government on Venezuela...

  • Jehan J.
    10/21/2018 14:50

    A clone of Trump, but one that speaks portugese.

  • Victor B.
    10/21/2018 14:52


  • Théophilus L.
    10/21/2018 15:32


  • Liz M.
    10/21/2018 15:39

    The Trump bacteria has infected the world. Who knew such a man had this power?

  • Violetta F.
    10/21/2018 15:44

    Hayyyy, Just what the world needs.Another greedy bastard!Like there aren’t enough of them already....🙄

  • Margarita V.
    10/21/2018 16:00

    Racist, sexist, promotes violence, hates nature - the perfect kretin.

  • Pamela A.
    10/21/2018 16:02

    Another idiot .!

  • Welter P.
    10/21/2018 16:19

    , all of you should do a better job and do not meddle into a foreign nation affairs without knowing the truth about any particular issue. Mr. Haddad himself was a failed mayor of the largest Latin America city, Sao Paulo, and has dozens of indictments against him. He is no saint, he is a very controversial individual himself. Bolsonaro is no perfect candidate, by any means, but is far the best for Brazils at this moment. People in Brazil are voting against Lula's puppet, Huddad. As you know or should, Lula is serving time for corruption. He also faces several other charges from kick backs and money laundering. Brazilians are faced with a difficult decision; do they vote for a corrupt, a prisoner, or do they vote for a far right former army capitan, Bolsonaro? I say Bolsonaro, he has pledge to seek market economy, fill his cabinets with individuals of stellar credentials, not with politicians, give police the tools to fight crime, guarantee the right to private property. In contrast Mr. Haddad has pledge to bring back all of his cohorts to power, all of which have been under indictments or in jail( look it up) including Mr. Lula himself. Therefore, there is no choice here, it is a prisoner or the former army captain. The choice is clear, you do stay on the side of the law

  • Mark L.
    10/21/2018 16:55

    Another sick fuck.

  • Melvana L.
    10/21/2018 17:03

    Not another one. Dear God, please protect this planet. Our home from these money mad anti-earth pigs.

  • Kylie P.
    10/21/2018 17:50


  • Sergio L.
    10/21/2018 18:14

    Very biased video and it will take a long to text explain. He wants to reduce the number of ministries and the government money to NGO’s because they are used for political bargain and to promote ideological indoctrination. The video also didn’t translate when he was talking giving judicial guarantees to landowners that are terrorized by the MST, in my opinion, a terrorist organization, that in 13 years of a leftist government, didn’t solve the problem. Look at Venezuela track record and you will see what will happen if this man isn’t elected. This just talking about environment. There are more to it, so don’t try to explain what the majority of the Brazilian voters are choosing. Different from Trump, which I don’t admire at all, Bolsonaro is winning with the popular vote. And don’t think is mass manipulation, in reality all the big press is against him, because they are afraid to loose all the big government contracts that keep them afloat. Like I said, this isn’t that simple

  • Cesar S.
    10/21/2018 18:40

    Bolsonaro 17 show

  • Cesar S.
    10/21/2018 18:42

    O estrangeiro não sabe o que se passa no Brasil as notícias são passadas por meios de comunicação esquerdista. A Europa devastou com suas florestas.

  • Everardo M.
    10/21/2018 19:08


  • Rudra N.
    10/21/2018 19:24

    Dictators (good or, evil) rise from poor states.

  • Patrick O.
    10/21/2018 19:29

    It’s sad that people will only start to care about our planet once the damage has been done. The thing is, the planet itself will bounce back, but we won’t. Guys. Come on. We need to fix this.