Kayleigh McEnany vs Donald Trump

"The president never downplayed the virus." — Kayleigh McEnany "I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down." — Donald Trump

10/11/2020 1:59 PM


  • Marco J.
    07/24/2021 21:36

    To be fair when she said "Multiple times" that is true

  • Helen K.
    07/04/2021 15:04

    Have you started one of these comparisons for Psaki and Biden?

  • Jennifer M.
    06/22/2021 03:07

    Joke of the year 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stephen E.
    06/20/2021 23:32

    Grasping at straws

  • Jeff F.
    06/19/2021 01:35

    Lying about lying 😁 par for the course.

  • Wanda G.
    06/18/2021 18:06

    Let's fix that. "I never did anything BUT lie when I worked for treasonous trump." There - fixed it.

  • Mohan R.
    06/18/2021 14:19 please like and share this poem

  • Michael G.
    06/18/2021 10:37

    Trump lies right to his CULTS face and they just cheer and believe EVERYTHING that comes from his BIG MOUTH

  • Nick H.
    06/18/2021 05:21

    The fear in her eyes when she's facing these questions says it all

  • Mel O.
    06/17/2021 20:28

    Tell me, who in his corrupt administration did not lie? The worst man ever held this position.

  • Mel O.
    06/17/2021 20:26

    This russian agent is only 90% gone. If the media stops mentioning his name, he will be gone for ever.

  • Maxine B.
    06/17/2021 18:16

    Trump is a threat to the United states

  • Ben K.
    06/17/2021 18:12

    Both liars

  • Wanda B.
    06/17/2021 16:12

    Whete is the lightening strike? It should hit her any time now for that blatant lie..

  • Matt E.
    06/17/2021 15:50

    And these comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣... some people really think anyone in Washington is honest 🤣🤣🤣🤣. If you believe in honest politicians , I got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn if you're interested . Real cheap

  • Matt E.
    06/17/2021 15:49

    Have we not moved on from dogging trump? Seems there's alot more fresh important news out there. Maybe start picking on biden and grilling every move he makes for next 4 years 🤷‍♂️

  • Roberto T.
    06/17/2021 15:21

    I could only watch 1 1/2 minutes....I despise liars and these two are the epitome of liars....

  • John R.
    06/17/2021 14:54

    Well of course she’ll say she didn’t lie; she’s so used to lying that it’s all she knows how to do.

  • Susan F.
    06/17/2021 14:45

    Oh, that’s rich!

  • Malik R.
    06/17/2021 14:38

    Horrific woman! Can you imagine some dude has to live with that mess!!!🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮