L214 denounced the living condition in rabbit breeding farms

The animal rights group L214 filmed this footage in a French breeding farm where rabbits are raised for fur. This is what they saw.

12/19/2017 11:19 AM
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  • Charlotte T.
    12/19/2017 11:24


  • Manjeet G.
    12/19/2017 11:30

    This is really sad that humans are becoming so greedy that we re just doing Injustice to the animals and environment the medicines which are used to grow the animals is causing damage to them but it's reaction is causing to the humans who are eating the meat of this vaccination animals we have to stop this Injustice with the nature

  • Prince D.
    12/19/2017 11:35

    Instead of filming , dey could have release them

  • Sandra W.
    12/19/2017 11:44

    So very upsetting to watch this .why film instead of release them poor souls bless them all .hope karma catches up with those evil doers

  • Jasmine E.
    12/19/2017 12:15

    I don't want to see videos like this unless something is being done about it. What's the point?! I would rather not know.

  • Adele M.
    12/19/2017 12:16


  • Taunya A.
    12/19/2017 12:20

    Babe. The bunnies. 😢😢ais

  • Brendon G.
    12/19/2017 12:22

    Shoot the owners please.

  • Heike B.
    12/19/2017 12:41

    Ich mag keine Kreaturen die Pelz tragen

  • Cristina G.
    12/19/2017 13:00

    No...pls, let them in peace, free the animals, pls..:((..

  • Abdel A.
    12/19/2017 13:06

    That's inhuman but as long as we 'll be using products we don't know where it comes from this will go on

  • Andrew M.
    12/19/2017 13:12

    People keep saying "why not free them" unfortunately it comes with a high prison sentence, the best these activists can do is film every instance of abuse and make the world aware of the trauma these poor things are going through so hopefully no one invests in this cruel trade. I'm sure these people filming would love nothing more than to free these fluffy animals and more than likely feel guilty not doing so, but if caught the footage would of been confiscated, the activist jailed if not sued and all would of been for nothing.

  • Maila A.
    12/19/2017 13:12

    Why would they do that?! 😭😭💔💔

  • Lesley M.
    12/19/2017 13:26

    Disgustingly sickening......this is no more than abuse and so medieval 😢

  • Al M.
    12/19/2017 14:15


  • Bailey H.
    12/19/2017 14:15

    Fur trade is ok and even beneficial​ in an old sense. But this is not 1885. And this..... This shit is fucked up.

  • Coralie R.
    12/19/2017 14:39

    promets moi que le prochain manteau il est sans fourrures ❤️

  • Dawne M.
    12/19/2017 14:58

    Should be reported to authorities, using incorrect drugs & the animals suffering like this cant be legal. It’s horrendous. Im a strong believer if enough people dont buy the product, animal cruelty like this will stop.

  • Ira S.
    12/19/2017 15:13


  • Alin G.
    12/19/2017 15:38