Laverne Cox on Violence Against Trans People

"We cannot continue to stigmatize the existence and the identity of trans people." Actress Laverne Cox's has a message about the epidemic of violence and discrimination against transgender people.

Double-edged sword of trans visibility

American actress, equal rights advocate Laverne Cox is passionate about combatting the issues faced by trans people. In the U.S., at least 18 transgender people have died from violence so far in 2019. Since 2013, it has felt like trans visibility has increased at breakneck speed. We’ve witnessed Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, successful TV shows such as Transparent. Earlier trans actor Daniela Vega became the first trans person to present at the Academy Awards, and the film in which she starred, A Fantastic Woman, about the experience of institutional and interpersonal transphobia, won the Oscar for best foreign language film.

“We have to change our hearts and minds. Policies are important but each individual in their hearts has to say that no one should deserve to lose their lives simply for being who they are. Over 50% of trans people make less than $10,000 a year. So, poverty in my community is a huge issue. Doing the work to end poverty is interconnected with issues of HIV, interconnected with issues of transphobia and sexism. They are all interconnected, and they're all related. Yeah, we have to do all this work together. I think globally, for trans folks, so much of it is still about stigma. It's about education. And then it's about access. We cannot continue to stigmatize the existence and the identity of trans people because that leads to our deaths, that leads to us living in poverty, not being in the good jobs, policies that here in my country, that they're created to limit the possibility of us being able to have. We have to end this stigma. Change. Trans people are human beings who deserve to live. The violence that exists against trans people globally is an epidemic that is killing way too many of us.

HRC has been tracking reports of fatal anti-transgender violence for the past several years and previous reports can be found from 2015-2019. Cox invites everyone around the world to embrace trans men and women for who they are.


10/05/2019 12:00 PM
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  • Jaime G.
    10/05/2019 12:02

    I feel like a Unicorn today!!!!😃 🦄

  • Jaime G.
    10/05/2019 12:04

    Stigmatize?!?!!! Always the pathetic victims!!!😂😂. It’s called facts, F A C T S, you’re born what your born man or woman, ACCEPT IT. 😂😂

  • Brenda R.
    10/05/2019 12:46

    I see why only two comments, its difficult knowing that you were boy male then teans to femake to alot of people because of what we gave been taught, male is male, female is female. Sometimes and this is my belief, trans be a little extra, go places where they will be ostrasize, create scenes and get into situations where they dont reveal their true identity. This causes problems so am not hear to judge but take heed and be watchful.

  • Corrie M.
    10/05/2019 13:03

    Know how to tell if someone is in the closet? They say hateful things. People confident in who they are live and let live.

  • Joe F.
    10/05/2019 13:33

    I’m all for equal rights, but normalizing mental illness shouldn’t be a thing. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Braden P.
    10/05/2019 13:48

    Stop it an American is a American.

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    Half biryani

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  • Katheryn W.
    10/05/2019 17:14

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about transgender people. No I am not against it , no I am not racist, it's your life do has you please but please please just get on with it .

  • Barbara C.
    10/05/2019 23:57

    Do I agree with her choice in life, No - but she has that right.

  • Joey C.
    10/06/2019 02:51

    Violence against transgenders being an epidemic? Give me a break...totals bs

  • Asmaa Y.
    10/06/2019 13:27

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  • Gordon N.
    10/06/2019 15:36

    No one should be ridiculed, injured or killed for being who they are! But whoever or whatever you are... try not to deceive those who deserve to know the truth!

  • Maggie D.
    10/06/2019 22:31

    Human is Human is Human is Human is Human is Human is Human is Human is Human is Human is Human is Human .....

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  • Brut
    10/07/2019 16:59

    For members of the trans community, learning self-defense isn't so much an option — as a matter of life and death.

  • Miriam C.
    10/07/2019 17:37

    They have created this chaos. Even though theres no need for killing, racism and no respect

  • Wanda S.
    10/07/2019 20:08

    Ignorance is a lethal weapon.

  • Micheal V.
    10/07/2019 21:57

    Man I'll be glad when y'all get somewhere and sit down