• Minna V.
    03/28/2019 00:37

    😱 zoos... disgusting!

  • Geraldine M.
    03/27/2019 20:38


  • Geraldine M.
    03/27/2019 20:38

    CLOSE this terrible place DOWN

  • Miltiadis L.
    01/31/2018 21:42


  • Amelie Z.
    01/31/2018 21:11


  • Amelie Z.
    01/31/2018 21:10


  • Ciprian A.
    01/31/2018 20:24

    Did not expect this bullshit from a country like Sweden or Denmark..really!! A huge Dislike and you should be a shame you pathetic idiots! Those morons should be sent to jail immediatly and if there is a law that supports that crap ,it should be cancelled!! WTF people???

  • Sonia M.
    01/31/2018 20:15

    In nature a lot of animals (depending on the species - up to 80 %) dont survive their first year of life. They die a long, painful death from illness. Not a smooth death like falling asleep via euthanasie. Much more human than any slaughter house. Breeding and raising youngs is an important part of animal behaviour.

  • Gabriella B.
    01/31/2018 20:15

    Isn't euthanasia meant to be voluntary???

  • Rabije A.
    01/31/2018 20:09


  • Mariusz A.
    01/31/2018 19:59

    fucken idiots ,after ,after only 5 years the emblem but Volvo will be a crescent!!!!!remember that!!!!

  • Ivy G.
    01/31/2018 19:40

    Hypocritical BASTARDS!!!!! Scumdinavia

  • Sacha V.
    01/31/2018 19:33


  • Victoria T.
    01/31/2018 19:29

    Isn’t it more ethical to close all zoos with the emprisoned wild animals!?!?!? When are we getting there?

  • Daniel G.
    01/31/2018 19:22

    And this is just one of a few reasons why I will not step on a fucking zoo! If you want to see animals, watch documentaries or go to nature

  • Natasha G.
    01/31/2018 19:18


  • Angelina B.
    01/31/2018 19:08

    Oke..what kind of tune is playing there background?đŸ˜‚đŸ€”

  • Beatrice G.
    01/31/2018 19:04


  • Ruben B.
    01/31/2018 18:53

    Go do something about it then u bunch of keyboard warriors =)

  • Mihaela V.
    01/31/2018 18:47

    This is NOT a zoopark....

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