Mayor brings garbage back to illegal dumpers

This French mayor takes a rather radical approach to stamp out illegal waste dumping... 😳💪🏼🗑

06/10/2018 9:10 AM
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  • ميسر ا.
    06/29/2018 04:05

    مثلنا بالضبط اصلا هو تعلمها من عدنا

  • Abu H.
    06/26/2018 13:58 Hhhhhhhhh watch

  • Analiza G.
    06/25/2018 19:57


  • Joanne P.
    06/16/2018 15:59

    So sick of people dumping their crap on the side of our roads. Some jerk dumped his entire living room furniture on a road near us. Now the township will have to clean it up.

  • Dan U.
    06/12/2018 03:15

    I'm in Paris at the moment, and it's not working, the whole place looks like a dump.

  • Hank W.
    06/10/2018 20:10

    Good to see a mayor doing something productive for once.

  • Dunja D.
    06/10/2018 17:16


  • Diana F.
    06/10/2018 13:05

    phrase of the month: yuppie armchair ecology

  • えら ラ.
    06/10/2018 12:29

    Japan has been doin that. They literally put the garbage at your doorstep.

  • Renee A.
    06/10/2018 11:40

    What if they give false info and your dumping on innocent people?

  • Jill M.
    06/10/2018 10:50

    Well in reality, fly tippers are usually people who have been paid to take away your rubbish. So anything found within the rubbish, would lead back to the person who legitimately had paid to have it removed & not the person who had dumped it!!! Slight flaw there...

  • Tutu F.
    06/10/2018 10:42

    This is the 60s hippy song Alices Restaurant!

  • Mignon B.
    06/10/2018 10:06

    Good man. Strength to him

  • Diane F.
    06/10/2018 09:24


  • Max G.
    06/10/2018 09:24

    c'est chaud